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Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ) is an Istanbul-based quarterly journal focusing on Turkey and its neighborhood with a broader outlook. In Turkey’s increasingly restrictive political and intellectual environment, TPQ is one of the few independent platforms that continues to stimulate constructive and critical debates. In addition to our print content, TPQ is now inviting blog submissions on topical subjects pertaining to Turkey and its neighborhood. TPQ welcomes reviews, short essays, general commentaries, and topical analyses of current developments on areas/topics that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Turkish foreign policy
  • Domestic political trends
  • Regional security trends
  • Developments in Turkey’s neighborhood (Eurasia/Black Sea, East Europe, MENA)
  • Western (US, EU, or Transatlantic) policies and relations with Turkey and the region
  • Governance and democratization issues in the region
  • Economic development issues (as it related to environment, energy, and governance)

Style Requirements

Blog submissions must be original (no reprints) and in English – we strongly recommend non-native speakers get their pieces edited by a native English speaker before submitting to TPQ – this will increase the likelihood of being published on the blog.

Submissions should be between 500 and 1,250 words.

Given that this is not a full-length article, please limit repetition. Lively policy oriented language and style are favored.

The blog should be submitted in Times New Roman 12, justified.

Spelling: American spelling and punctuation should be used throughout.

Endnotes (Chicago Manual of Style): Use citations sparingly given the word length requirements.

All submissions should be made electronically, in Microsoft Word, e-mailed as an attachment to Your e-mail should be clearly marked with the subject “TPQ Blog submission.” Please send a picture of yourself (larger than 1024x768 pixels) and your current title along with your contribution.

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