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Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ) is inviting scholars, journalists, practitioners, and civil society leaders to contribute to its Spring 2017 issue. If you are interested in contributing, please submit an abstract (400 words) and a short bio to The deadline for submitting an abstract is 12 April 2017. Full article submission deadline is 8 May 2017

In the aftermath of key elections and referendums in Europe and Turkey, TPQ’s Spring 2017 will explore profound geostrategic shifts occurring across the international system – from the existential threats NATO is facing to the fragility of the EU project to a changing US foreign policy role. Within this general framework, we will assess Euro-Atlantic approaches to these shifts, Turkey’s position in these equations, and visions for shoring up the Western security order. While we are open to alternative suggestions, articles exploring one of the below topics would be welcome:

  • Future of the EU project: With a surge in nationalist political parties and the fallout of Brexit, where does the future of the EU project lie? How can solidarity be fostered among EU nation states?
  • Rise of nationalist/populist forces: What impact could this trend have on the stability of the EU? How does the rise of right-wing populism affect the rights of and policies towards minorities, usually migrants?
  • NATO’s role: How can NATO embolden the alliance? In what ways can NATO cooperate more with the US and the EU in order to guarantee transatlantic stability and security? With regards to enlargement policy, what is the status of Georgia and Ukraine’s?
  • Turkey-EU relations: As the EU increasingly employs realpolitik at the expense of value-based diplomacy, how will the Turkey-EU relationship be defined moving forward? What is the future of the Turkey-EU deal on refugees, and what are the implications should it collapse?
  • The Youth: How does the youth fit into the erosion of liberal values in governance structures and institutions? Does the youth now have the opportunity to play a greater role in grassroots and civil activist movements? What are the challenges for youth employment in Turkey?

About TPQ:

Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ) is an Istanbul-based foreign policy journal aiming to foster original thinking and constructive debates on Turkey and its neighborhood. The journal has been published since 2002. TPQ is independent and non-profit, with a track record of including diverse and inter-disciplinary perspectives and encouraging critical opinions on every topic it covers. All the content, articles and information can be accessed at TPQ’s website ( TPQ is also indexed and abstracted by EBSCO and Thomson Reuters’s Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI).

All submissions are subject to TPQ’s editorial policy and should follow TPQ’s style guide which can be obtained from Papers submitted must be between 2000-3500 words and should include a 100-120 word abstract. It is highly recommended that non-native English speakers have their articles proofread before submission. Honorarium is not provided to the authors. 

From the Desk of the Editor This issue of TPQ takes up a myriad of issues that the Middle East is grappling with today: from protracted conflicts and the increasing complexity of proxy wars, to changing regional blocs and emerging powers. The Arab uprisings of 2011 remain an important fulcrum for the changing political landscape of the Middle East, and as many of our authors contend, the underlying problems and basic drivers...