Independent and cutting-edge analysis on Turkey and its neighborhood
François Delerue

Dr. François Delerue is a researcher in cyber defense and international law at the Institute of Strategic Research (IRSEM – Institut de Recherche stratégique de l’Ecole militaire), an Associate Researcher at the Castex Chair of Cyber Strategy and a Visiting Researcher at the Sciences Po Law School in Paris. This article is a condensed and a revised version of the original policy paper published by the Young Academics Program of Global Relations Forum (GRF) in July 2017. GRF holds copyright to this material and no part of it may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of GRF. The full report is available at the following link:


From the Desk of the Editor This issue of TPQ takes up a myriad of issues that the Middle East is grappling with today: from protracted conflicts and the increasing complexity of proxy wars, to changing regional blocs and emerging powers. The Arab uprisings of 2011 remain an important fulcrum for the changing political landscape of the Middle East, and as many of our authors contend, the underlying problems and basic drivers...