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This was the report presented to US President Bill Clinton at the NGO meeting held on 19 November 1999 in Istanbul. At this, the following NGO representatives participated: Mr. Yılmaz Ensaroğlu of the human rights group Mazlum-Der; Mr. Hayrettin Karaca of Turkey's Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion (TEMA); Ms. Zulal Kılıç of the Foundation for Supporting Women Candidates (KADER); Mr. Kemal Köprülü of the ARI Movement; Mr. Nasuh Mahruki of the prominent Rescue Team AKUT and Mr. Sezgin Tanrıkulu, a human rights lawyer from Diyarbakır, member of Turkish Human Rights Foundation.

Kemal Köprülü
Kemal Köprülü

Kemal Köprülü is the Publisher of Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ).

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