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Excerpted from Stephen Kinzer’s latest book, “Reset: Iran, Turkey and Ameri- ca’s Future,” this piece evaluates Turkey’s foreign policy orientation with a fo- cus on Turkey’s relations with the EU, the U.S., and Middle Eastern countries. According to Kinzer, “Turkey is no longer on the edge of anything. Instead it is once again what this piece of geography has been since time immemo- rial: the epicenter of the immense Eurasian landmass. The combination of Turkey’s location, its Ottoman heritage, and its successful blend of Islam and democracy gives it enormous strategic potential. It is seizing that potential in ways that benefit not only itself, but also the United States and the West.”

Copyright © 2010 by Stephen Kinzer. Reprinted by arrangement with Times Books, an imprint of Henry Holt and Company, LLC.

Stephen Kinzer
Stephen Kinzer tephen Kinzer is a former New York Times bureau chief for Istanbul. His other books focus on Rwanda, Central America, the U.S. and Iran; among them, his 2001 released book, Crescent and the Star: Turkey Between Two Worlds is a well acclaimed piece which has also been translated into Turkish.
From the Desk of the Editor This issue of TPQ comes at a time when relations between Turkey and the EU are at a historical low point. The sources of tension are manifold, and have been compounded by a constellation of transformations in Turkey, Europe, and the international system. The global upswing in far-right populist movements, isolationism, the conflict in Syria and its humanitarian crisis, and the threat of ISIS have...