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The worrying events in Kiev have shown us that peace and stability in Eastern Europe should not be taken for granted; on the contrary, they should be carefully fostered and protected. Both Turkey and Romania wish to have a stable and prosperous common neighborhood. These two countries’ common approach toward European principles and ideals, which are also those promoted through the Eastern Partnership. This article focuses on the Eastern Partnership and the EU’s efforts in driving forward this important policy, while also underlining the importance of Turkey’s involvement in it.


George Ciamba
George Ciamba
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Foreword Israel, formally known as "The State of Israel," was established on 14 May 1948, and has since played a pivotal role in international affairs, particularly in the politics of the Middle East and North Africa. Israel's relations with its Arab neighbors have been tense for decades, and a lasting peace has never appeared more likely. Yet, we already live in a time of perpetual change,...