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This study estimates the probable magnitude of immigration from Turkey to the EU when Turkey becomes a full member and restrictions on movement of labor are removed. Alternative methods and scenarios are scrutinized in forecasts for the period 2004 to 2030. The analyses are based on the experience of countries that have already joined the EU. Special attention was paid to the experiences of the southern “cohesion” countries - Greece, Portugal and Spain - and Turkey’s own emigration record. Potential emigration from a slower growing Turkey without membership is also examined, and the result is that this yields greater numbers of immigrants...
Refik Erzan & Umut Kuzubaş, Nilüfer Yıldız
Refik Erzan & Umut Kuzubaş, Nilüfer Yıldız
From the Desk of the Editor This issue of TPQ takes up a myriad of issues that the Middle East is grappling with today: from protracted conflicts and the increasing complexity of proxy wars, to changing regional blocs and emerging powers. The Arab uprisings of 2011 remain an important fulcrum for the changing political landscape of the Middle East, and as many of our authors contend, the underlying problems and basic drivers...