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The post–communist transition of Central Asia has been different from Eastern Europe. Two decades after the main swing to democracy has substantially changed the heart of Europe, Central Asian countries still seem somewhat frightened and hesitant to join the train of progress and democratization. What are the main internal and external reasons for this difference? Authors representing one of the two remaining U.S.-funded non governmental organizations engaged in democracy building on the ground in Uzbekistan try to reflect the local perceptions both as outsiders and insiders in the ongoing transition process in Uzbekistan, the most populous Central Asian country...

Mjusa Sever
Mjusa Sever
Fazil Khasanov
Fazil Khasanov
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Foreword TPQ’s Summer issue, NATO in 2020 and Beyond: New Strategies and Frontiers, offers insights on the Alliance’s current challenges and future security trends, while offering a look into Euro-Atlantic relations in the coming decade. It is clear that as the international security landscape is rapidly changing, member states’ capabilities, resilience, and most importantly, their...