TPQ’s New Website is Now Online!

As part of ongoing efforts to refurbish our visual and institutional identity, we are proud to announce that TPQ’s new website is now online. In addition to inviting you to visit the website, we would like to provide a brief overview of the new features and functions available, both technical and content-wise.

Access TPQ From Anywhere

TPQ’s new website is optimized for mobile-devices, such as smart phones, tablets. Current issues, TPQ events, announcements, and our past issues are more easily accessible than before, fostering an engaging online experience. The new design also offers better advertisement placement options to our potential supporters.

Besides its technical improvements, TPQ’s new website also offers two new editorial features in line with our aim to continue pushing the boundaries of discussion and encourage the exchange of diverse perspectives.

Engage in Topical Discussions: Blog & Debate Sections

As one of the few independent platforms that continues to stimulate constructive and critical debates in Turkey, TPQ now welcomes your submissions to its “blog” and “debates” sections.

For the Blog section we welcome short essays, general commentaries, and analyses of news developments on issues related to Turkey and its neighborhood (500 to 1,250 words).

For the Debates section we welcome responses to TPQ print articles or contributions to an ongoing debate. Debate submissions should focus on counter-arguments to the author in question and/or offer a new angle to the ongoing debate.

Our first debate – the “Just memory” debate – was sparked by a response paper from historian Gerard Libaridian to an article by then-Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, entitled “Turkish–Armenian Relations: Is a ‘Just Memory’ Possible?” We will soon be featuring another contribution to this debate by Rauf R. Garagozov, who is a Senior Research Fellow at Center for Strategic Studies (SAM) in Baku.

Looking ahead, we expect to feature more debates on our new website, touching on various other domestic and foreign policy issues including gender rights.

For Blog and Debates submissions guidelines please click here.

We welcome your comments and suggestions to further improve our website.

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