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Turkish Policy Quarterly Celebrated its 20th Anniversary!

Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ) celebrated its 20th anniversary with a cocktail reception hosted by the Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul on 24 March 2022. It was a lively crowd consisting of more than 50 people from TPQ's network, namely diplomats, academics, business leaders, and members of civil society.

Our host, Swedish Consul General Peter Ericson, welcomed guests and commemorated the journal's 20th anniversary in his opening speech. TPQ's Editor in Chief, Selim Alan, spoke next, reflecting on the journal's early beginnings and its development and growth since it was established in 2002. “TPQ came into existence 20 years ago. I have been asking myself how long 20 years actually is. Then I realized that it very much depends on what you did in those years. TPQ has been able to bring together influential contributing writers from the very beginning. We never had staff writers. That means each issue is a great challenge. And great challenges end up with great joys if you put enough effort into them. And TPQ just did that over the years. It is now a well-respected journal not just in Turkey but also in many other countries all around the world. We have simple rules. And simple rules are not the easiest ones to follow. We want to cover important issues. That requires constant research. We want to have the best experts to write for the journal. That requires enormous outreach effort. We want to reach as many readers as possible. That means careful planning. We have a small team, and we are all aware of our duty.”


Our advisory board member Ekmelettin İhsanoğlu with Swedish Consul General Peter Ericson

TPQ Team

It was an honor to host some members of our advisory board. Thank you to everyone who joined us and celebrated this milestone with us. Togetherness in times such as this, especially during a pandemic, means so much to the entire TPQ family. We appreciate your support.

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