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The Global Challenge in an Era of Disinformation and Misinformation


Fall 2020 Vol. 19 No. 3


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Foreword. The 75th issue of TPQ comes at a time when the world is still in the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic. While not a new phenomenon, a concurrent swell in digital disinformation and misinformation has complicated the public health response on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as further eroded democratic values.

The EU’s Response to Foreign Interference. “The East StratCom Task Force’s work on countering disinformation goes hand-in-hand with developing and improving the EU’s own communication and support to independent media in its Eastern neighborhood,” writes Anneli Ahonen.

The Press’ Struggle for Survival. “The Press Bulletin Authority has taken a series of measures to ensure that newspapers continue their activities as a ‘basic public service’ that provides accurate and fact-checked information about the COVID-19 crisis,” writes Rıdvan Duran.

Threats to American Democracy. “While the impact the Kremlin’s efforts had on the outcome of the election is difficult to quantify, the Kremlin’s intent and activities are not,” writes Brittany Beaulieu.

Social Media Platforms and Disinformation. “Indeed, social media companies have played a role in the dissemination of disinformation, however, it is increasingly becoming clear that the media and elites have played a major role as well,” writes Emine Etili.

Fact-Checking in a Polarized World. “The only way for fact-checkers to maintain their neutrality is to hold on to their methodology and prove that they are working beyond the debates driven by technology companies,” writes Gülin Çavuş.

Turkey’s Data Privacy Legislation. “In line with the strategy set out in the 11th Development Plan and the Annual Program of the Presidency for the Year 2020, Turkey’s personal data protection legislation shall be modernized by meeting the highest standards per the data protection law in the world, especially the GDPR,” writes Yasin Beceni.

Accessing Facts during COVID-19. “Considering governments might deliberately or inadvertently share misleading information, it is important for digital platforms to establish further collaborations with civil society and independent media organizations,” writes Gürkan Özturan.

Cyber Resilience in Belarus. “The 2020 protests are very much a result of the bold falsifications of the election results, brutal violence, non-adherence to international law standards, negligence of diplomatic rules and practices but, most importantly, the intentional commissioning of severe crimes by police officers and authorities,” writes Volha Damarad.

Unpacking Racial Biases. “In Canada, the healthcare system in general, and the nursing profession, in particular, has acknowledged that racism toward Blacks is pervasive and in need of great reform,” writes Ovie Onagbeboma.

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