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A Long Lasting Affinity: Acknowledging US-Turkey Ties


Winter 2019/20 Vol. 18 No. 4


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Fostering Businesses Through Cultural Cooperation Project. The current trade volume of around 20 billion dollars, which had been agreed between President Trump and President Erdoğan to reach up to 100 billion dollars trading goal, created a motivation for both the US and Turkey to study the opportunities for more focused trade in priority areas, writes Necipoğlu.

Finding an Authentic Voice as a Business Leader. It is very important to understand the basics of different cultures and to successfully adapt to their needs without losing your authenticity and conceding your values, writes Beba.

US & Turkey in the Realm of Technology. In Turkey, we would need to establish stronger partnerships between global tech hubs and universities, support and establish internationally-founded laboratories and research institutes, as well as export and import scholars, employees, and startup founders to cross-pollinate, states İldeniz.

HBS Research Center in Strengthening US-TR Ties. HBS allows us to establish relationships with business leaders and to observe management practices up close, which is beneficial for Turkey's reputation, as we shine a light on innovative businesses that are making an impact in the region and around the world, writes Çekin.

DowAksa’s JV Partnership. I would suggest that Turkey continues to emphasize “local content” provisions in their tender processes to advantage local suppliers, develop robust supply chains, as well as incentivize local investment and create jobs, states Parks.

Improving US-TR Relations Through Social Media. It is easy to understand why social media is a ready-made solution to overcome cultural, diplomatic, and business barriers between the US and Turkey, writes Matraş.

The Future of Nanomedicines. Starting clinical trials in Turkey will have a huge impact on the local environment in academia and the pharmaceutical industry, states Sanyal.

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