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Turkish Policy Quarterly
Celebrated its 15th Anniversary!

On 25 May 2017, Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ) celebrated its 15-year anniversary with a cocktail reception hosted by the Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul. With 80 people in attendance, the crowd was dynamic and reflected the diversity of TPQ’s network, including members from the diplomatic, academic, business, and civil society communities.

In her opening speech, our host, Swedish Consul General Therese Hydén underlined TPQ’s success over the past decade and a half, and stressed the importance of maintaining the journal’s independence and objectivity. Next, former Editor in Chief of 13 years, Nigar Göksel spoke, reflecting poignantly on TPQ’s beginnings and the impressive growth and development of the journal since its founding in 2002. “Many who have worked for TPQ have risen in the civil society, business, and academia sectors, yet continue to volunteer for the journal (…) this is one of the greatest accomplishments of the institution,” Nigar highlighted.

Süreya Köprülü, who assumed the role of Editor in Chief in the Fall of 2015, emphasized the challenges facing a foreign policy journal in Turkey, where political dynamics are ever-changing. Süreya pointed out that this renders TPQ ever more important in providing independent voices and featuring balanced, nuanced analyses. Expressing gratitude towards former and current members of the TPQ team, Süreya also acknowledged the invaluable support from the journal’s editorial advisors, distinguished advisory board members, domestic private sector sponsors, and media partners.

It was an honor to have four of TPQ’s advisory board members in attendance for our celebration – Ambassador Matthew J. Bryza, Prof. Dr. Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, Ambassador Namık Tan, and Prof. Dr. İlter Turan. We deeply appreciate their support, and their presence made it a very special day for us, and the entire TPQ family.

In Süreya’s words, TPQ’s 15th anniversary celebration was not just an opportunity to reflect on the legacy of the journal, but also to develop synergies, and pool resources and visions. Looking down the line to the next 15 years, the TPQ team is enthusiastic about these prospects, and hopes to keep the momentum going.

TPQ Advisory Board Testimonials

In preparation for our 15th, we asked our advisory board members to write brief testimonials about TPQ and its continued importance in the political scene. Below, we have excerpted several of them. We wish to express our gratitude to all of our members that contributed.

“Over the last 15 years, TPQ has earned recognition and respect in the publishing world. It has managed to create its own intellectual network and accumulate extensive experience. I hope its contributions to international literature continue.”
Prof. Dr. Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, 2017

“Over the years, TPQ has been one of the best sources for debate and analysis on contemporary Turkey, its region, and the country’s international partnerships – and rightly so. It has just the right combination of serious writing from diverse authors, including senior officials and leading international opinion shapers.” 
Dr. Ian Lesser, 2017

“The dearth of quality think tanks, compounded in recent years by ever-growing restrictions on the freedom of expression and communication in Turkey, heightens the need for and the significance of nonpartisan, independent, intellectual output. Thus, TPQ’s outstanding success and longevity in such an environment must be graded as remarkable achievements.”
Ambassador Faruk Loğoğlu, 2017

“In today’s complex and turbulent world, TPQ’s capacity to offer a vast array of perspectives on the geopolitical issues of the time is a genuine asset for its readership. In a world of fast and brief information, a quarterly set of considered reflections is most welcome.”
Ambassador Marc Pierini, 2017

"TPQ has become a reference publication that should be required reading for almost all who are involved or interested in foreign and domestic political issues of Turkey to get an objective and better understanding of those complex and difficult subjects.”
Ambassador Namik Tan, 2017

“I have found TPQ an enriching addition to the contemporary literature on Turkey’s international and sometimes domestic politics, an open forum where the variety of opinion is refreshing, and a source that I can turn to in preparing for talks I am often asked to give.”
Prof. Dr. İlter Turan, 2017

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