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Maosheng Duan, Qian Wu, & Rıza Kadılar

Dr. Rıza Kadılar is a senior international investment banker. He leads various non-profit organizations, including China Institute Turkey, where he serves as founding chairman. Dr. Maosheng Duan is a professor from Tsinghua University, China. He has been a member of the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism Executive Board since 2010. Qian Wu is an experienced policy analyst in carbon market, renewable energy, and industrial energy efficiency. Dr. Xi Liang is Director of Centre for Business and Climate Change in University of Edinburgh, UK. Dr. Jin Li is the assistant manager of Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange. Alpay Beyla is currently working on developing financial models on emission reduction projects such as renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.


From the Desk of the Editor This issue of TPQ takes up a myriad of issues that the Middle East is grappling with today: from protracted conflicts and the increasing complexity of proxy wars, to changing regional blocs and emerging powers. The Arab uprisings of 2011 remain an important fulcrum for the changing political landscape of the Middle East, and as many of our authors contend, the underlying problems and basic drivers...