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Turkish influence over deeply fragmented Bosnia has been omnipresent in recent years. This article explains the foundations and dynamics of this relationship, both historically and in contemporary Bosnia, examining how Bosnia–Turkey relations affect political elites, business, and the two countries’ general populations. Specifically, the article elaborates on Turkish foreign policy in Bosnia, and Bosnia’s response in turn. In analyzing this relationship, while recognizing that Turkey is an important player in the Balkans by virtue of its geography and history, the article suggests that Turkey should employ a more transparent and effective approach.


Alida Vracic
Alida Vracic
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Foreword Following the violent dissolution of the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s, there had been a shared sense of hope for a more peaceful future for the European continent. Unfortunately, this comfortability disappeared after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to march against the Ukrainian forces throughout the border on 24 February 2022. This marked a turning point not only for the...