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Both domestic demand and the EU accession process have trigerred a significant legal reform agenda in Turkey. Some important improvements are already in force, but there are still a number of reforms needed. Meanwhile, new controversies have arisen, especially with respect to the independence of the judiciary as well as the worrisome quality of justice. Important inconsistencies between normative acts and legal practice are the subject of heated discussion, thus eroding public confidence in the judiciary system and accordingly, in the rule of law.
Özgür Aşık
Özgür Aşık
This issue was published in collaboration with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Turkey Office.
From the Desk of the Editor TPQ’s Fall 2019 issue, published in collaboration with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, titled Populism and the Age of Upheaval, examines the rise of populism and its impact on the international order – from governance issues to the environment to gender ideology. Since 2016, the world has been monitoring and trying to forecast the turnout of a series of events that started with...