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Turkey’s EU odyssey has recently entered a new phase. As we celebrate the decision of the EU to start membership negotiations with Turkey on October 3rd, 2005, we are also aware of the challenges before us. Much of the harmonization to come is economic in nature and for many segments of society it will cause hardship. It is, therefore, important that people at all levels, both at home and abroad, are conscious of what lies ahead of us and the underlying rationale behind them, as well as expected long and short term outcomes. The current rate of support for EU membership in Turkey is likely to drop, as was the case with other EU candidates. Managing the shifting sentiments in a responsible manner and maintaining the motivation and discipline will be crucial. 

Nigâr Göksel
Nigâr Göksel

D. Nigar Goksel has been Editor-in-Chief of the Istanbul-based Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ) since 2002 and Turkey and Cyprus Analyst for Crisis Group's Turkey/Cyprus Project since April 2015. She was Senior Analyst at the European Stability Initiative (ESI) between 2004-11, where she covered Turkey and the Caucasus. In Spring 2014, she joined FRIDE as associate fellow, focusing on the Black Sea region. She is a regular contributor to the German Marshall Fund’s ‘On Turkey’ series and writes frequently for Al Jazeera International. Nigar is also registered as an independent consultant for political analysis and project management. She has designed a range of reconciliation and civil society capacity-building initiatives in Turkey and the South Caucasus.

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