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The Alevi Opening, an attempt of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) to “solve” the Alevi “problem” through a series of workshops between the State officials and the Alevi community was completed in 2010. The two prominent Alevi Federations, however, are not satisfied with the “Opening” and do not see the “problem” as solved. In this article, the authors provide a short description of the Alevi issue, pointing out the futility of explaining Aleviness, and map the main Alevi organizations’ stances on how the State should end oppression against Alevis...

Rana Birden Çorbacıoğlu
Rana Birden Çorbacıoğlu
Zeynep Alemdar
Zeynep Alemdar

Assoc. Prof. Zeynep Alemdar is the Head of International Relations Department at Istanbul Okan University and founder of the Women in Foreign Policy Initiative in Turkey (

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From the Desk of the Editor TPQ’s Winter 2019/20 issue, published in collaboration with AmCham Turkey, titled A Long-Lasting Affinity: Acknowledging US-Turkey Ties, lays out how strong cultural, educational, and professional relationships across different sectors culminate in beneficial partnerships and success stories. Our dedicated readers will realize that this Winter issue is a continuation of our new brand TPQ...