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The article examines Russia’s Afghan policy in light of the tentative Russo-West rapprochement in the aftermath of the August War in Georgia. It juxtaposes Russia’s regional interests and its global foreign policy agenda vis-à-vis the West in order to evaluate the true extent of Moscow’s involvement in Afghanistan. The article concludes that lack of resources and clear Afghan strategy overshadowed by Russia’s conflicting, and too often overambitious, foreign policy goals render Moscow as an unreliable partner who can offer the West very little in terms of tangible support in stabilizing post-Taliban Afghanistan. 


Jakub Kulhanek
Jakub Kulhanek
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From the Desk of the Editor During the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals and governments across the globe have been reminded of the value of human life and the delicacy of human psychology. Societies have been forced to conform to governments’ speedy decisions to prevent the spread of the virus, and individuals—from the most vulnerable to the most well-off —were forced to self-isolate. The isolation...