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Decision makers of resource-rich countries often do not have the incentive to concentrate on institutional development and sustainable redistribution of energy revenues. Outlining how Norway has developed immunity from resource course, the author explores the parameters of effective resource management for Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has substantial energy wealth while poverty is still very high. There are signs of a brewing problem. The author also raises the question of whether standard prescriptions, when applied to specific countries with resources, can indeed convert resource wealth into a blessing.


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Rana Izci
Rana Izci
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From the Desk of the Editor During the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals and governments across the globe have been reminded of the value of human life and the delicacy of human psychology. Societies have been forced to conform to governments’ speedy decisions to prevent the spread of the virus, and individuals—from the most vulnerable to the most well-off —were forced to self-isolate. The isolation...