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In the aftermath of the referenda in Cyprus, the UN and the EU made commitments for the lifting of economic embargoes and all forms of unnecessary restrictions imposed upon the Turkish Cypriots. The Turkish Cypriots are still waiting for the obstacles which have adversely affected their life for over 40 years to be lifted. This paper explores the political, legal, social and economic aspects of life in North Cyprus, along with the potential implications of integrating North Cyprus into the EU by developing economic relations.


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Kaya Arslan
Kaya Arslan
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From the Desk of the Editor During the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals and governments across the globe have been reminded of the value of human life and the delicacy of human psychology. Societies have been forced to conform to governments’ speedy decisions to prevent the spread of the virus, and individuals—from the most vulnerable to the most well-off —were forced to self-isolate. The isolation...