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The author presents an opposition viewpoint to the current government of Azerbaijan,pointing out the alleged repression and corruption. Arguing that the Azerbaijanisociety has, in fact, a history of democracy as well as a cultural preparedness for it today, the author implies that should the upcoming elections not be fair, the people may revolt. Azerbaijan has been an independent state for almost 14 years. Strong national movements began within Russia itself in Ukraine, the Baltic States and Georgia, playing an important role in the collapse of the USSR and the independence of the former soviet republics. Azerbaijanhas special connections with these countries. National movements for independence began in 1987 and grew stronger in 1988-1989. The famous “Spigel” journal declared Azerbaijan “the nation of year” in 1988 because of the activities organized by the people and rallies held over a week with attendance consistently topping one million. As a result of pressure from this movement, the administration of the former Azerbaijan Soviet Republic was the first Soviet republic to adopt “the lawon economic sovereignty”. Finally, Azerbaijan declared its independence one and half months before the leaders of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus signed the famous Belovejsk declaration abrogating the USSR in October 1991...Please click here to read the text in full.