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Turkey has been isolated over the past decade by international powers, along with regional allies, with the purpose of getting things done in its neighborhood—without Turkey. Now, in this new decade, China faces similar international isolation. A US-led group of countries has been challenging China on Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Xinjiang, which culminated in late 2020, when former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo properly declared the atrocities against Uyghurs a “genocide.” If Pompeo had four full years, his successes would have been even greater. This international pressure on China, led passionately by Pompeo, was the proper measure to take given China’s dismal record of—and complete disregard for—human rights. With such serious human rights violations, territorial advances, and, not to mention, the 3-million-plus death count from coronavirus worldwide, it is critical that China comes clean to the world now more than ever.  

I understand what the end game here for China was. And now that Joe Biden is in office, it will be impossible to contain China. Every country will be weakened psychologically first by this worldwide health disaster caused by China. There must be a relentless international effort to research exactly what happened. It is the primary responsibility of Biden and the Democrats in Congress to find out and tell the world. But this is not going to happen, as Biden does not seem to care about this issue. Democrats are instead thinking about and working toward their new objective—to destroy Trump in 2024. It is going to become much more difficult now since Trump was right about everything he said about the lab-based origins of the coronavirus. This lethal virus was deliberately weaponized by the CCP and unleashed on the world population. Until China can prove otherwise, the world must find them guilty until proven innocent. Trump had clearly said they had evidence to back these claims. Although Pompeo had started a very thorough investigation at the State Department to find out the facts, Biden stopped this. After years of deceit and lies on every issue possible, I would not be surprised if Democrats had information about the virus before the US government did.

It is clear to me that Democrats, China, and billionaires colluded to bring down Trump. Democrats and China have been colluding on many different fronts since 2010, when Obama made Biden his “China czar” for his Southeast Asia-China pivot, which later morphed into this most critical venture to destroy Trump. Although we are learning many facts every single day, there are still many more waiting to be uncovered. Sometimes it is difficult to decipher the lies, but lies are just not sustainable. Democrats lied about everything regarding Russia for five years and deliberately hid everything with regard to China for over one decade—the ones who had a part in this charade must be nervous now. If Republicans are searching for a simple way to take full advantage here, going forward, they should immediately center the entire theme of their election campaign on this Democratic-China collusion funded by billionaires. China was not a country with high standing in the American public eye before the pandemic, and now has certainly lost whatever credibility it had. Republicans should expand on this platform to take control of the House in 18 months, leaving Biden and his leftists powerless.

Just one of the Democrats’ lies to the public was that Trump did not allow Dr. Anthony Fauci to do his job, thereby causing the virus to spread and kill more people. It turned out through Fauci’s emails that then-Vice President Pence, who was in charge of the Coronavirus Task Force, never interfered with Fauci’s work. Fauci should resign from office, as the exposed emails have clearly shown that he lied to the US Congress regarding the funding for gain-of-function research. Furthermore, Facebook tried to prevent public discourse around theories that supported the Wuhan lab leak on purpose. Both Zuckerberg and Gates are in many of the emails, proactively involved with Fauci and his position on the virus. Why were they involved in such a manner? What do they both have to gain from trying to control and influence Fauci? Democrats purposely exploited Fauci for their political strategy, to turn the American deaths from the virus into public rage to bring down Trump. Because of Fauci’s negligence, the world will never find out the true origins of the coronavirus, as the CCP has had over 18 months to destroy any evidence whatsoever. But Democrats brainwashed their people into believing otherwise.

Many across the Democrat landscape, especially people in the media, should lose their jobs over their duplicity. Not only did everything Trump said about the coronavirus turned out to be correct, his initiative to combat the virus, Warp Speed, turned into a world-wide phenomenon, saving countless lives. These facts alone should entice people who did not vote for Biden with any conviction to vote Republican next time. The number one issue for Americans in the 2020 elections was the pandemic, and now, with the world slowly recovering, I am sure people will want their votes back. Trump recently called on China to pay 10 trillion dollars in “reparations” for the American deaths they are responsible. World leaders should seize on this statement immediately and turn it into a continuous international campaign to hold the CCP accountable. The US leg of the campaign should be a bi-partisan effort led by Trump, as the de-facto leader of the Republican Party. Trump has no fear of China, and is not compromised in any manner with regard to China as Biden and the Democrats are.  

The Path to Presidency: Trump vs. Biden

When Trump first started to float the idea of seriously running for president in 2015 among 20 other Republican candidates, the political consensus was that his wealth, and the fact that he could finance his own campaign without the traditional need to fundraise, would provide a major advantage for him. As I mention in the first part of this article, Trump did not fundraise haphazardly as every Republican traditionally had to do to maintain their candidacy. In fact, Trump never took his yearly salary with regard to the Presidency and donated all of his earnings to different charities.

With such serious human rights violations, territorial advances, and, not to mention, the 3-million-plus death count from coronavirus worldwide, it is critical that China comes clean to the world now more than ever.

During the pandemic, according to Forbes, Trump lost one billion dollars in personal wealth, a portion of this resulting from real estate value losses in New York City due to the city’s devaluation and demise. Many billionaires passed him during this time: Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in America with a net worth of 177 billion dollars. It would be interesting research for someone to discover how much Democratic billionaires such as Bezos spent during 2016-2020 to destroy Trump, and to find out where they are all now compared to four years ago. Under Bezos, the Washington Post was purposely skewed toward destroying Trump. During those four years, Bezos made billions all while ruthlessly destroying small businesses. Trump, who stood up for small businesses and the working class in America, was directly targeted by Bezos. If The Post had to be shut down tomorrow, Bezos would not lose any sleep as this newspaper, for him personally, is very much a small business considering his vast new worth. Small business owners must be aware that the many small businesses Trump tried to keep alive with his policies during 2020 shut down because of Bezos.

Democrats were caught off guard when Trump was elected in November 2016. As they were out of position, they made senior-level decisions to protect themselves of any possible fallout from the Chinese espionage and corruption within the party, especially in California. People in Washington, D.C. should remember the Cold War years, when espionage was everywhere. Tracking and exposing double agents was a meticulous process that took years, sometimes decades, to conclude. Today, similar dynamics are being unearthed between the US and China. For at least five years, especially 2010-2015, China had the Democrats at its mercy, and probably have a number of dossiers about Democratic politicians and maybe even some of their billionaire donors. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why billionaires are giving billions to Biden to destroy Trump and keep the world focus on Russia’s lies and deceit, where there is absolutely nothing to find.

Gates is one of these primary billionaire Democrat donors along with Bezos. Gates, who had a falling out in public with his wife, Melinda, had a very peculiar relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, who normally would have been in this Democrat donor class if he were alive and still free. Every prominent Democrat who had ties with Jeffrey Epstein has lied about their relationship. Although Bill Gates denied having any business relationship or friendship with Epstein, it turns out that they even visited then-Chairman of the Nobel Committee Thorbjørn Jagland together to help Gates win a Nobel Peace Prize. Perhaps Gates was fascinated that Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize without doing anything.   

There are roughly 25 billionaires like this running the Democrats today and thus controlling America. Their billions are all tied to China. Michael Bloomberg, when asked about his media empire in China, replied that they followed Chinese rules and regulations to be able to continue their services. The common denominator for Biden is that as long as the focus continues on Russia, and not on China, he and the billionaires will all win. Most of these billionaires happen to reside in New York, California, and Seattle. All these areas are suffering now due to corruption and incompetence. They simply do not see California failing as a state because Silicon Valley will only prosper more. This is why Silicon Valley was about to receive 140 million dollars from the first trillion-dollar bonanza stimulus—for Biden to feed his donors and help complete their 6.9 billion dollar subway system by 2030.[1] In 2030, none of these people will even care about what America or the world looks like. They will be entirely in their own little bubble.       

If these billionaires donated these amounts to Democrats for the last few years to destroy Trump, why cannot they just pay for their own subway system? Why should the Silicon Valley subway system be paid with taxpayer’s money? The Center of Responsive Politics reported that the amount of dark money in the 2020 elections surpassed well over one billion dollars, an absurd amount that set records.[2] The majority of this dark money was spent by unaccountable amounts to help Biden win and to destroy Trump. While liberal groups donated 514 million dollars to Biden, 200 million dollars went to an intriguing Republican coalition of donors, most of which were used against Trump. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg donated 350 million dollars very astutely in 47 states where he knew Democrats needed help in destroying Trump.[3]

Trump received only 25 million dollars, which is another reason why Americans should be thankful that Trump had personal wealth and never had to give these billionaires the time of day even once. Republican states, led by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, have changed their election laws so that billionaires like Zuckerberg cannot buy the elections with their dark monies. DeSantis, whose new election laws have gained traction nationwide, has dubbed this money “Zuckerbucks.” “Zuckerbucks” have now been exposed monetarily and, subsequently, nullified in all Republican-led states. As I have underlined, this is a clear indication that Big Tech and Facebook are essentially political action committees that have no transparency or political boundaries. The political system under their weight will continue to collapse and break apart until the laws are changed. When you consider the daily deceit, continuous lies, and election fraud that took place for five years, it is simply amazing that the Democrats were only able to win narrowly by 47,000 votes. I am certain that this fact alone makes the Democrats and their media insecure and nervous.

There are roughly 25 billionaires like this running the Democrats today and thus controlling America.

According to the same report by the Center of Responsive Politics, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell received more than 85 million dollars from the Senate Republican Leadership’s dark money of 125 million dollars. His only goal in life is to maintain his status as a lifetime politician, which has amassed him a fortune, and his ties to China that contribute to his wealth. But shockingly for McConnell, right after all this happened, the entire Republican base, which happens to be loyal to Trump and who they know fights for their issues, went ballistic. Everyone started attacking him. Trump came out publicly and bashed McConnell, calling him weak and hopeless. Trump was correct in his assessments.     

Trump had appointed McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, as Secretary of Transportation in his Cabinet, which is not some small gesture. When McConnell asked Trump for his endorsement before the election, Trump did so reluctantly, because Trump understood that McConnell was a typical member of the swamp. The Democratic dark money machine attacked him and Kentucky, but McConnell survived with Trump’s endorsement and, in return, gave a devastating speech about 6 January and how Trump endangered the Capitol with his words. McConnell knew well what he was doing and did not need Trump going forward because his party would come to the normal senses of the swamp and protect him. He came very close to voting to impeach Trump but withheld his vote. The base of the party vilified everyone who voted against both impeachments, or made derogatory remarks on the mainstream media. It is not too difficult to figure out who the true swamp members are when you have Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi uttering the exact same things. They are all tied together politically. While Trump was assisting in his political goals, McConnell was ready to jump on the “Destroy Trump” train along with Democrats and billionaires. McConnell probably figured that if someone as weak as Joe Biden—who he knows very well and worked with for decades—is able to become president, he might be able to reach the White House one day as well.

Joe Biden’s path to presidency was not a particularly smooth one, however. His candidacy was hampered by Obama’s initial reluctance to endorse him. Biden must detest Obama for this rebuff similar to how Jill Biden had detested Kamala Harris for criticizing Joe Biden’s civil rights record in the Democratic primaries. Just as Obama knew Biden was a very weak VP, and would never challenge him politically or intellectually, Biden knows quite well that Kamala Harris is extremely weak. Every time Harris takes a step forward, Biden will force her several steps back—like when he surprisingly appointed her as the “border czar” for illegal immigrants streaming into the country at a record pace. Everyone knows that Harris wishes to succeed Biden, and become President Harris. Biden knows this as well, which is evident from his announcement to run for re-election, something no newly elected president has done so early. A President Harris would be truly tragic for the US and the entire world. 

The Corrupt Inner-Workings of the Democratic Party

In some nations, when a corrupt political party or coalition is voted out unexpectedly, all their past misconducts are usually—or, attempted to be —covered up. On their way out, politicians tend to destroy everything that will incriminate them as a pre-emptive measure against investigations. This is exactly what happened with the Democrats in November 2016. Many of the party’s most corrupt politicians, who are also some of the most incompetent ones, come from California, and it is not difficult to sense how anxious they all are.

Just as Obama knew Biden was a very weak VP, and would never challenge him politically or intellectually, Biden knows quite well that Kamala Harris is extremely weak.

Democrats managed to keep Hunter Biden and the CCP business dealings out of the spotlight until 14 October 2020, when the New York Post’s Twitter account was blocked by Twitter for fake news. The reason this story came out is because the New York Post decided to take serious risks at dangerous times. Had they decided to do the opposite, nobody would have known about the laptop. As time reveals new information, new disturbing facts about Hunter’s laptop are also emerging. On the other hand, Democrats’ efforts, especially those of Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff, to single out Trump’s children and son-in-law, force them to testify for long periods, and bully them into revealing information to use against Trump also failed miserably. Then the Mueller report came out again, empty and baseless. It was a catastrophe for Pelosi and gang. They had no facts to hold onto and feed the public whatsoever.     

The partisan and obedient media never covered the evidence about the Democratic officials who were compromised and flagged by the FBI from 2010-2015. The American public does not know what happened with China during Obama’s presidency yet there should have been five years of breaking news and international coverage. Since the FBI does not have the authority to inform the public about such fallouts, nothing came out despite their knowledge of what was going on. I now understand why ex-FBI Chief James Comey came out in 2016 about Hillary Clinton’s 340,000 emails on a private email server. Using a private server is not legal for any senior government official, let alone a secretary of state. Clinton was running for president at the time and was hence devastated by the FBI’s investigation. The FBI, probably due to internal pressures, had to close their investigation soon after though. Comey asked then-Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, to open a special prosecutor case but she refused. Lynch had recently been appointed by Obama to replace Eric Holder.

Obviously, Obama would never have gone for re-opening this investigation, which would have hurt Clinton’s chances severely. When Lynch refused this request, Comey chose to reopen the case right before the election because New York prosecutors received inside information from the FBI. Instances where someone within the government defies the chain of command to leak information, while the party in power is pushing for the subject’s election, rarely happens in US politics. During Watergate, the FBI had fed inside information to The Post. We found out that the secret informant, “Deep Throat,” was a senior-level FBI official only many years later. At the time, however, Nixon had already won his reelection with a landslide so the circumstances were different. In a way, what happened with Nixon and Watergate is similar to what happened with the Clinton case, but this situation was much more worse than Watergate. Members of the entire Democratic establishment brainwashed the American people for five years in lockstep with one another.

The FBI was so enthralled by Trump’s Russia collusion research and lies that someone probably understood that all this was fake, with weak and unsubstantiated sources on one side and the real and true Clinton emails on the other. These emails were found on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, a disgraced Democratic Congressman who had to resign, and subsequently went to prison, after being caught soliciting sex from underage girls. Unsurprisingly, he is from New York, where Democrats like to hide their corrupt politicians, including Andrew Cuomo. Weiner is also the former husband of Huma Abedin, who was the leader of Clinton’s brain trust. As I mentioned in the first part of this article, New York, like California and Illinois, is a state where Democrats have dangerously immense, unchecked powers that they utilize without suffering any electoral repercussions, much like authoritarian regimes.

Cuomo should have resigned or been impeached by now with the power of the #MeToo movement. But this successful movement has been put on hold for the sake of the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM). BLM is so convenient that it can attack any issue that it wants to at any time and tie that issue to race and “racist America.” Democrats believe that they are getting away with all of this but, in reality, it is backfiring. BLM is becoming a dark stain in society and taking the Black Movement backwards. The State Department announcing that US embassies around the world can fly BLM flags is truly a tragic decision. As happens frequently in Black history, the wrong people come forth and take advantage of the situation for all the wrong reasons. BLM will be—and currently is—no exception.

The struggle for women’s rights will also suffer due to the wane of the #MeToo movement. This is playing out right now in front of the entire world in New York. Even though consolidating victories of the movement would help efforts to advance rights, powerful women in the Democratic Party, including Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Stacy Abrams, have stayed silent about the allegations against Andrew Cuomo. These powerful women cannot call for Cuomo’s resignation, as their party protects and covers up for their corrupt people. As a result, Cuomo has been able to dig deep with the public support of Chris Cuomo and CNN. Those deemed leaders in society should be ashamed of themselves as Cuomo’s corrupt, immoral, and incompetent acts continue to wreak havoc. When you have double standards across the board on every societal issue possible, you cannot have credibility on any issue at all. Democrats only care about the Black women and white women who vote for them. This will prevent any kind of societal consolidation of the women’s movement, and will be one of the most divisive cultural issues in America, causing irreparable damage.              

Moreover, Cuomo, who has failed at every level of leadership, ironically secured a 5.1-million-dollar book deal on leadership during the COVID-19 crisis. Although Democrats consistently set new lows for sub-standard behaviors, you are in a truly peculiar league when, as governor, you are able to make money off deaths that resulted from your decisions. Since Trump is still around, the Democrats all know they will need Cuomo to help bully Trump. Cuomo will become exactly like Swalwell and Schiff, and all three will spew identical lies on disastrous media channels every day. They will be joined by Trump-hating Republicans like Liz Cheney who are losing their powers due to the shift in the base of the party. In six months, Trump has already consolidated his power over the party and has brought down Cheney—who challenged him directly —and weakened McConnell among others in the traditional Republican brass. Trump-endorsed candidates have an unbelievable winning percentage and rarely lose.

Those deemed leaders in society should be ashamed of themselves as Cuomo’s corrupt, immoral, and incompetent acts continue to wreak havoc.

Trump must have learned something from his business career that he seems to be applying successfully to politics. Republicans are primed for increasing their Black, and especially Hispanic, vote with excellent candidates once again in the 2022 elections. Although municipal elections are officially nonpartisan, the Democrat media machine, except for the New York Times, failed to cover the recent mayoral runoff elections in Texas, which featured two heavily Hispanic districts. Republicans won both races, including the district of McAllen, which is a border town that is 85 percent Hispanic.[4] While Republicans have been steadily gaining a foothold ahead of the 2022 elections, Obama has been railing against them, claiming they are threatening democracy in America. Obama knows very well that Democrats have a huge problem with Hispanics and even Blacks, but what he fails to understand is that this is one reason why Trump was able to restructure and reshape the Republican base, and fully take control ultimately. Obama has himself to thank for this predicament where Democrats have failed to brand Trump a racist and drive voters away from him. With a trajectory heading toward 80+ million votes, Obama is well aware that Trump will be in the perfect position to retake the White House if he runs in 2024 with qualified candidates.

From 2010 to Today

In November 2016, when Democrats saw the White House slipping away, there had to be decisions made to cover up the Chinese corruption, spying, and dark money funding the party. This is clearly why the Clinton campaign had to immediately finance British ex-intelligence officer Christopher Steele to produce any dirt possible on Donald Trump and Russia. Starting in spring 2016, this was all funded by Paul Singer, another billionaire Democrat who controls the party. Whatever came out of this Steele dossier, CNN and their media mob would immediately attack and turn Trump into a Russian double agent. Every Schiff interview I watched was based on secret and dark information, and their whistle blowers had to be protected so that they would keep to their deceit and lies on Trump. CNN consistently lied to the entire world for four years, and continues to date. To make their lies look relevant, they would play with the topic and include some other whistle blower that they trusted to spew out lies again, just as they did with their coverage of the Trump administration and Russia.

The FBI utilized the misinformation from Steele to start their fake investigation of Trump in June 2016—five months before the election. Republicans had actually already started the search for dirt during the primaries, as they did not want Trump to be their candidate. As a result, they looked for ways to have Trump leave the race. Had something substantial come up, the Republicans would have used this information to prevent Trump’s nomination at the Republican National Convention in July 2016. Nonetheless, the FBI was able to tie this investigation to a 2013 Moscow trip Trump took to attend a Miss Universe pageant. The FBI and Clinton, combined with Singer’s efforts, took everything from Steele, which was pure lies to create conspiracies against Trump and Russia. During this time, when Obama was still in office, everyone was on board with this starting from Obama, Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was Chair of the DNC, and a rising star in the party at the time, had to resign in disgrace. Clinton herself is facing an investigation by the Federal Election Commission over these acts that were carried out to destroy Trump.

In January 2017, when Trump took office, Democrat billionaire George Soros funded Daniel Jones, ex-senior aide to Senator Feinstein, to create the Democracy Integrity Project. These funds were funneled to Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS, the company Clinton was using for the same purposes. Before the impeachment process began, Mark Penn, a reputable pollster who worked with President Clinton in the 90’s and Hillary Clinton in 2008, explained that conducting something this dangerous would hurt American politics and set bad precedence for administrations and government officials. For years, I followed Penn’s polling newsletters, which were always principled and passionate about his craft. In my opinion, someone like Mark Penn would never change his polling so the Democrats or Clinton could come out ahead unfairly without facts. He did not work for Clinton in 2016, and I can imagine why that was the case. All the pollsters got it terribly wrong, as they showed Clinton ahead by 8 to 12 percent, never going below these figures. Democrats, starting from Clinton’s people who knew him and his reputation very well, severely vilified Mark Penn. Along with the media, Democrats immediately dubbed him as a traitor to the party. Democrats simply never allow a descent in their ranks, similar to many autocratic parties around the world. The Democrats are not democrats in any manner or respect.    

From June 2016 until present day everything has been a Russian-Trump mirage to brainwash people and dismiss the dirty collusions of Democrats and China. US political truths from 2010-2016 vanished and were never reported or analyzed. This entire period needs to be researched by responsible people from around the world who still care about America. I am an independent observer who understands that the failures of America will undermine the world order in many different ways. Democrats are making America and the American people weaker so that everyone embraces their “big government” socialist vision. They will provide free services to anyone who votes for them. They are weakening America’s economy and killing its entrepreneurial spirit. Working hard and earning your way forward does not exist in the Democratic political playbook. They are pushing things like critical race theory, which is teaching young people to hate American history. All you need to do is listen to what they are saying and what they are doing. Almost 600,000 illegal immigrants have entered the US-Mexican border area and are being secretly sent to hundreds of places in America. For what reason could this be possibly happening? It is not difficult to figure out what they are doing. With a resolution, Biden and Democrats have paved the way for the citizenship of at least 11 million illegal immigrants.[5] This number will be much higher in reality, and will only hurt immigrant families and minorities who worked hard and did it the right way. Democrats are deliberately splitting society into two entirely different worlds and mindsets that are incompatible with each another. This is not sustainable and it will break at some critical juncture.    

None of the billionaires who own and control the Democratic Party have any business investments in Russia. Nobody will lose any sleep over a potential war with Russia in Ukraine. Plus, it is always good business for defense contractors to make lots of money. Just look at the post-9/11 world of lucrative business opportunities for defense corporations. Biden’s new Defense Secretary—Gen. Lloyd J. Austin—comes to the Pentagon directly from the Board of Raytheon. As Trump downsized the forever wars significantly, new wars are, so to speak, necessary. Biden and Austin are not there to continue Trump’s ardent efforts to achieve peace and stability. While concealing China’s misconducts, it is in billionaires’ interest for fake Trump-Russian conspiracies to gain momentum, since most of them are heavily invested in China. What was done here is criminal and people should lose their jobs. The guilty must be convicted and go to prison. Senior Democrats have aligned at the top to become collaborators in lying and deceiving to protect one another and the party. As I have noted earlier, this is just as bad as what Nixon did to the Democrats and everything Democratic during Watergate. The Steele dossier is comparable to Watergate and, in fact, much worse in my opinion. Watergate was done by one man, Nixon, whom nobody challenged while he controlled everything and bullied everyone in the Republican Party, until it was too late. 

[Democrats] are weakening America’s economy and killing its entrepreneurial spirit.

Just as Watergate damaged the Republican Party until Reagan came along, Democrats know that this scheme could blow up the moment whistle blowers come out. Perhaps one responsible person in their media world can actually do journalism for once and report on truths instead of lies. When political figures and the media are complicit in lies and continue to double down, it takes a long time for truths to emerge. The New York Times has written an article explaining how the Steele dossier might actually be pure misinformation and lies.[6] If the NYT is writing this now, there must be a reason. The timing of this article, which comes after Trump’s election loss, is critical. The NYT is obviously trying to take steps to redeem its terrible reputation; they must have realized that trust is imperative in journalism. No whistle blower would break any major news to your newspaper if they cannot trust you.

Now that Trump is temporarily out of the picture, all of these media groups are struggling for ratings and attention, trying to prevent the bottom from falling out. For over five years, these groups featured fake whistle blowers to brainwash their people. At some point, each group must look at its own interests and will sell out the others accordingly in order to survive, because media standards in America are heading toward the worst levels in history. There must be full restructuring of the entire industry. This is exactly what happened in Turkey after incompetent media groups in the 90’s helped bring down media standards tremendously, thereby damaging the public trust in the media. After the public voted out the political parties and leaders that these media groups were intertwined with, shocked and unprepared, these groups ended up destroying each other after 2002. None of these groups exist in Turkey anymore. The same fate awaits the US media landscape now, as they will all be similarly shocked and unprepared. All these foolish media groups that tied their public services and political fortunes to weak and corrupt Democrats will be pulled down by those same people. Today in America, the real whistle blowers need credible groups to be able to bring out the truths. As Democrats are desperate to make sure these truths do not surface, they are threatening individuals. Their media is in freefall that will only worsen as their lies continue. Every responsible media group and individual around the world has to research America since 2009 and strive to discover the truths.

The initial objective to destroy Trump worked temporarily in 2020, but, now, even the NYT has realized that Trump is the strongest candidate going forward—if he runs in 2024, he will certainly surpass 74 million.

After six years of Bush’s lies, Obama’s presidency compounded the political problems of the past decade. 14 years is a long time in US history to lie to the American people and the world. The initial objective to destroy Trump worked temporarily in 2020, but, now, even the NYT has realized that Trump is the strongest candidate going forward—if he runs in 2024, he will certainly surpass 74 million. When you can start from a proud and passionate base of 74 million, growing this number will be easy. Contrary to Trump, Biden’s voters are not proud and passionate about him—again, something that terrifies their media and the party leadership. Trump voters know well that everything smelled awful for four years, and that Democrats essentially molested their leader on a daily basis. Republicans can easily recruit many more people and, more importantly, successful candidates to run. With an election won by less than 45,000 votes, a shrinking House majority, and a 50-50 Senate, Biden cannot rule like a fully empowered left-wing radical. These margins are extremely frail and will disappear in November 2022.

In addition, voters have Trump’s successes of Warp Speed and achieving energy independence for the first time, which has diminished in Biden’s first 100 days. Once the American people figure things out, they will want to bring down many Democrats with the next elections in 2022 and 2024. Americans do not like lies and deceit. All you need to do is look at American political history to see that one thing has always happened: the party in power that seeks too much power grabbing, like today, eventually suffers the consequences and gets checked.  

Like a well-oiled factory, these decisions made by the most senior Democrats produced five years, and counting, of daily Russian fantasies. Everything the Democrats and their media said or wrote were lies. Everything. Impeachment number one was a Russian hoax. Impeachment number two occurred because they wanted Trump entirely out of the game in 2024. An indictment by Congress therefore would have gone a long way for them. The insurrection was again a figment of their imagination. As I wrote, it was not difficult for me to figure this out right afterwards. Now, suddenly, the facts on the ground about Trump’s involvement in the riots have changed. I knew well this was just another set-up and no facts would surface, but the objective is always more critical. What about equating the DC riots to the riots in 17 cities that Democrats fueled last year? What would the riots in Portland and Chicago be called? Democrats, with their principles of corruption, unaccountability, and impunity, are busy peddling their insurrection lies while there are people sitting in jail without an indictment.

During the Democrat-superheated summer of riots, on 1 June 2020, Trump tried to go to St. John’s Church, near the White House, near where there were demonstrators. The media mob said Trump had the US Park Police, who had control over the nearby parks, teargas peaceful protestors so that he could have a photo-op in front of the church. This was the big lie and deceit of the day, as the Inspector General’s report in June 2021 has clearly proven. News channels covered this incident for weeks because it fit perfectly into the Democrats’ manipulative campaigns of that summer, during which they tried to desperately hide the dangerous riots and keep the attention on Trump. I watched the 2020 election more closely than I have watched anything in my life. Every event Trump had throughout America, especially in the months leading up to 3 November, were very clean and extremely proper. Nothing negative happened, not once—not even when he was touring five cities a day in October 2020. Why in the world would Trump, after this kind of performance during a pandemic-tainted election season, ruin his own record and incite violence in Washington, D.C. on 6 January? All someone with slight common sense has to do is think who would benefit from something like this.

As Trump plans to run for the White House in 2024, all of these lies will be re-packaged and served again. The Democrats’ ongoing objective is to divert attention away from China and toward Russia as their efforts to brainwash American people continue. Democrats also have powerful collaborations with the mega institutions that control America, such as Big Tech, which also happens to have strong ties to China. Nobody cares about the means but only the one end. Just like in war, every building possible is destroyed to be able to win. Now you have parts of US cities destroyed from last year’s riots. The threat of more destruction is increasing every day as direct political ploys conducted by Democrats. For them, it is business as usual. They have successfully destroyed Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Portland, and other cities—so why not continue? No one is held accountable anyway. Portland is a lost city now, yet will anyone hold the Mayor of Portland or Governor of Oregon accountable? Since there was no law and order in Democratic cities last year, they were able to incite fear in the streets and terrorize neighborhoods. Trillion-dollar stimulus bills by Obama and Biden always find their way to the worst run states under Democratic control. Now, Democrats are trying to divide the nation along racial lines and they want uprisings to occur because riots play right into the hands of a party devoid of ideas and principles. This was especially visible when Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters tried her best to incite riots in Minneapolis with her comments during the murder trial for the killing of George Floyd. They thought an imperfect decision by the judge in Derek Chauvin’s trial would encourage crowds to take this issue to the streets again.

The Democrats’ ongoing objective is to divert attention away from China and toward Russia as their efforts to brainwash American people continue.

Alongside Harris’ powerful statements and call for donations to a bail fund, Biden and Harris’ muted condemnations of the violence during last year’s riots should be noted. They were both terrified that they would have had to sit and watch all the cities burn down again, this time under their watch. This is why Biden said he was praying for the right verdict because he knows he has absolutely no control over America, and that riots would be much worse than the 60’s right now. Every active left-wing group in America can claim that they are the reason Biden is in office, starting with BLM and Antifa. Biden is thus vulnerable to manipulation by any kind of group, as he owes the billionaires and every small group in the nation that helped him cross the finish line. This is why trillions of dollars of stimulus bills are being pumped through the system. The very last thing on Biden’s and the billionaires’ agenda is finding out what happened in China regarding the coronavirus.            

Because these powerful people were unable to destroy him in a span of three months, Trump has now fully consolidated his control over the Republican Party according to his vision and is now endorsing candidates for 2022 elections. Biden, billionaires, and their tamed media are once again terrified, as they are trying to revise domestic terrorist norms in accordance with the convenient issue of the day. Trump is their number one white supremacist enemy in America, with 74 million Republican supremacists tagging alongside him. Now until 2024, they will wrap Trump up in white supremacy, insurrection, racism, Russia, and any other apt theme to continue to brainwash their people for another four years. CNN and the rest might want to revise and prioritize the true threats to American companies and individuals as international cyber security threats continue to harm US infrastructure. Cyber security threats, both domestic and international, is clearly America’s number one problem. Biden, however, does not take this threat seriously because it does not fit his political objective to destroy Trump in 2024.

Meanwhile, as human smugglers become wealthier every day by the border crisis that Biden has personally created by reversing Trump’s policies, a migrant smuggling crisis also looms large over America. Little children are being raped and used as slaves for whatever purpose their smugglers deem fit. There are little kids thrown off the walls that Trump has built but Biden left defenseless. Everyone knows this window is open. Kamala Harris and Democrats are not worried about human smuggling and kids dying, as their only objective is to resettle illegals inside the US borders as soon as possible by the 2022 and 2024 elections to beat Trump again. Everyone who can is approaching the border and throwing their lives in danger for the chance to cross into the US. Republican governors must take things into their own hands and secure their own state borders as long as the Federal Government continues to fail them. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has taken the first step with a “down payment” for the border wall, which other states should follow. This is their responsibility as governors, as nobody in Washington, D.C. lives on the border and knows the situation on the ground. If the US encounters further crises in the next few years due to mass illegal immigration, as with other issues, nobody in the Democratic bureaucracy will be held accountable.

The Democrat media, through Biden’s own instruction, is not reporting on what is happening at the border, even though almost 180,000 illegal immigrants crossed, a two-decade record, in April 2021. They must feel like useless fools playing a game. The journalists of these institutions are not allowed to ask questions before giving the question in writing, which resembles the media procedures of autocratic regimes. Since they need new voters in place by the 2022 and 2024 elections, Democrats will destroy the border to realize their plans. Biden is doing nothing to stop this because he is also a part of the ploy. Government officials are quietly escorting illegal aliens throughout America, but nobody knows exactly where, as it is being done secretly and eerily at nighttime so that no witnesses are around. After reports of unaccompanied minors, Tennessean residents have been warning other states to look out for Biden’s massive illegal immigrant placements. As I said, I am certain this is all to destroy Republican-run states like Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, and Florida to ensure Democrats win. Americans are waking up slowly to see what is going on but there is no information because everything is being covered up.

Nothing else but power matters for Democrats. I do recall Harris raising her voice at Trump many times for the “kids in cages” but she is not concerned anymore. While appointing her to lead the response to the border crisis, Biden knew very well that Harris had unpleasant words for Trump about the cages at the border. He knew that Harris would not be able to say anything in fear of any journalist with common sense tying it to last year’s ugly exchanges. In her first month as VP, this would have hurt Harris politically; this is why she has done nothing on the border issue. She even put out a statement saying that she was not responsible for the border. In June 2021, five months after taking office, Harris finally found time to go to Guatemala and Mexico to tend to her job. After making a statement in Guatemala telling people not to come to the border, her trip naturally turned into a disaster.

The Guatemalan President, Alejandro Giammattei, and the press thought she was joking, because she usually laughs through critical issues. Harris however tried to act tough this time, but it backfired. Now everyone in Central and South America as well as the world sees through her insecurities and weaknesses. In June, as soon as Trump announced he would visit the border with Republican leaders, Harris announced her first trip to the border as a counter to Trump. Democrats’ preoccupation with Trump has turned extremely dangerous for America because, once again, they are ready to do anything to destroy him. As Harris turned out to be useless on the border, Biden just named her “voter rights czar,” which should be quite intriguing. She will undoubtedly fit right in with the Democratic lies regarding voter suppression by Republican governors such as DeSantis. Harris should be able to follow through Joe Biden's lies about voter suppression in Georgia and supply fodder for their media channels. It is truly sad that Harris still has not answered one serious question since she took office.

Due to the damaged state of politics in the US, China will become even more powerful in the next four years.

For Biden, Harris is a lame duck VP just as he was for Obama starting from day one. Obama always looked to find someone better for his second term but settled for Biden as the best of the worst possible Democrats. Obama knows Democrats are weak intellectually and his arrogance is so grand he did not want anyone inside the White House thinking too much. The same thing applies now for Harris; this is why everyone was surprised when Biden chose her. She was the least qualified person in the party that could challenge him. Harris will go down as one of the weakest and most incompetent vice presidents in American history.       

The US vis-a-vis China

In April 2021, the Prime Minister of Japan, who was the first international state leader to visit the new Biden administration, focused on one issue—China. The Korean delegation likewise spent their entire time discussing China's economic warfare threats to the region during their recent visit to the White House.  China was the focal point of every major joint problem or regional security issue in both discussions. Due to the damaged state of politics in the US, China will become even more powerful in the next four years. The decrease in international checks and balances on China will help consolidate its position as a global power. As a global power trending upward, China has proven that it can take care of itself. America, on the other hand, is trending downward and will have difficulties creating coalitions regarding China.

In its first bilateral talks with the new administration in Alaska in March 2021, the Chinese Communist Party delegation was aggressive and extremely critical. They accused the US of human rights abuses over racial injustice and utilized BLM as a tool to display American weaknesses. They caught the US delegation led by Tony Blinken off guard and warned the US to stay out of China’s internal affairs, as this was a red line for them. They even used Biden’s own words about America against America because everyone around the world understands that left-wing Democrats have a serious problem with American history.

For this first high-level bilateral meeting with China, the US was not briefed properly and, consequently, had to turn the two-day affair into a tit for tat, accusing China of grandstanding and focusing on public theatrics and dramatics instead of substance. The reality was that China could have easily bided for more time for their international objective of becoming the world’s number one power, but chose not to do so, showing their hand very clearly from the start. Democrats fail to understand that their destructive domestic affairs and ideologies had been witnessed by the entire world. It was clearly in China’s interest for Trump to lose and be linked to Russia. Does anyone think that the upper Chinese official thinking does not see what happened and why this occurred? They are aware of the US’s every weakness, including the Democrats, and know what their objectives are. If they thought America was truly “back,” then this meeting would not have occurred the way it did. Contrary to the US, China has clear red lines that they have been able to dictate. In fact, the Chinese delegation made it clear that the US did not possess the qualifications to speak to China from a position of strength. The entire world saw this. Even CNN and the gang did not have the power to misportray these statements. With Trump gone, and no one to blame, the media had no idea how to handle this. The reporting was skewed and the significance of this first meeting where “America was back in action” supposedly was downplayed. However, Democrats need to realize that there are still international journalists and members of the press who do their jobs properly and try to observe things in an independent manner.

Finding out what happened in Wuhan would place Biden on a solid historical legacy footing in not only America but also the entire globe.

The fact that this was happening on the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic was extremely disappointing. The US delegation should have immediately counter-attacked with data about the outbreak in Wuhan and driven the Chinese delegation into a corner. With almost 4 million dead, the US never made the virus an issue, which I find absolutely astonishing. During the coronavirus pandemic, China doubled down and did not lose one day of sleep. Biden was upset at Trump, because his Chinese friends had been ruffled by the description of the crisis in northwest China as a “genocide.” Biden and his team have been trying to figure a way out of Trump’s labeling ever since. Since Biden was determined to appease his Chinese friends, he went on CNN with a confusing message about confronting Xi and different cultural norms. If the State Department had not been the one to have made the declaration, reversing this labeling would have been one of Biden’s day-one presidential decrees. Instead of challenging Trump on the Uyghur genocide, Biden should have first made a promise and declare it was his duty as US President to find out exactly what happened in Wuhan. But he did not do this. The US president’s number one priority for the next four years should be to investigate the origin of the coronavirus. Finding out what happened in Wuhan would place Biden on a solid historical legacy footing in not only America but also the entire globe.

The US, Biden, and Allies

Judging from Biden’s first 100-plus days in office, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and even the Palestinians are ecstatic that “America is back.” However, the reality is that America is much weaker right now than it was under Trump—and it will get much worse. Everyone who is paying attention knows foreign relations are going to get dicey around the world now as problems deepen.

One war already broke out in the Middle East in Biden’s first four months. Egypt’s General Sisi, who had the respect of both parties, had to negotiate for a cease-fire in the latest conflict between Israel and Hamas. Trump’s Abraham Accords had laid a foundation for peace and prosperity in the region, and if Trump had been president, several major countries, perhaps even Saudi Arabia, would have become partners. This is all in the past now, as Biden has lowered expectations down to instability and regression once again for the region. I do not think this will be the last war in the Middle East under Biden, unfortunately. The fact that Biden was negotiating with Iran for their re-entrance into the nuclear agreement at the same time Hamas and Israel were having a regional war financed by Iran, through its proxy Hamas, is absurd. This is not smart international politics at all. Just as I clearly stated, Biden’s team is resurrecting the horrors of Obama’s errors, which has also ignited inter-party tensions, including reactions that border on anti-Semitism, during this period. This change in rhetoric emerged in the Obama years, when the former president fueled hatred and polarization in the political debate. Moderate Democrats should come to some sense of stabilization, and understand that the world has no room for American errors anymore. The US cannot afford to lose any more allies.

The US cannot afford to lose any more allies.

Meanwhile, Biden has also been maneuvering toward war in Ukraine, an area that he knows very well, against Russia. Biden knows he will receive the support to arm Ukraine with necessary war machinery and have the entire world’s attention on Russia and Putin during his four-year term just like Obama had during his second term after Crimea’s annexation. Biden called Putin a killer and Putin responded by challenging Biden to debate him. Biden unsurprisingly did not accept the challenge. As Putin used the Obama years to strengthen and consolidate his regional position, particularly with the annexation of Crimea, there is no reason to believe Putin would think or act differently during Biden’s presidency. After the G7, Putin and Biden had their first face-to-face meeting. Putin mocked Biden and the demise of America with similar terminology used by the Chinese at the US-China summit. Being deliberately talked down to by Putin and China is truly a disgrace for America. Perception is everything in international politics. Had Trump been president, he would have portrayed strength and neither of these demeaning exchanges with Russia and China would have happened. 

Putin, with his sharp political mind, has put Russia back in play in world politics, especially concerning regional issues, in the last 20 years. At the Geneva Summit, similar to what he told NBC in an interview, Putin went on to underline 6 January, and how Biden has politicized that day and imprisoned his political enemies. Biden did not seem too pleased to hear this directly from him and commented about Putin’s bad examples regarding US weaknesses and the American demise to the press members that he brought along. The irony here is that the CNN White House correspondent—Kaitlan Collins—who Joe Biden admonished in front of the entire world was the same person responsible for Trump and his fake news stories. Trump had a major exchange with Collins in May 2020 during the elections regarding CDC when she tried to connect Trump’s mishandling of the CDC and its director, Robert Redfield, to the delayed rollout of testing. Collins obviously was trying desperately to lead Trump into criticizing the CDC, Fauci, and others so that they could weaponize these lies for their deceits. The Democrat media’s only job was to extract words and body language from Trump and feed these into their daily scripts. This is one of hundreds of cases during the pandemic where they would purposely skew the truths to bring down Trump.

On the opposite political spectrum, in that heated moment in Geneva, Biden told Kaitlan Collins that she was in the “wrong business.” As CNN and gang take great pleasure is admitting they were responsible for temporarily getting rid of Trump, there is a huge discrepancy here. Collins cannot be “fake news” for Trump and discredited by Biden at the same time. The moment between Biden and Collins was extremely intriguing, as Biden’s press had not asked a single serious question to Biden or Harris in six months. It was a very simple question–why are you so confident that Putin will change his behavior? The first question to Harris was also very plain about her planned visit to the border and she did not appreciate this question. Harris and Biden both lashed out at these different questions. What will happen when people start asking serious questions on all the real different issues that Biden is failing on simultaneously?

The White House has already announced that there is an investigation by US intelligence analyzing the potential fallout from Russia during the 2020 US elections. It is so simple now to read into the Democrat lies and deceits, and here I know Biden is lying again. Even though there was no interference by Russia in the 2016 elections, Biden is determined to keep Russian lies and conspiracies in the public’s head. Russia’s main real threat to the US is in cyber warfare, where they have been doing whatever they want to since Biden took office. Russian hackers have already hacked into the East Coast’s largest oil pipeline, Colonial Pipeline. Playing with national security does not seem to be a problem for Democrats. They seem to think all of this is some kind of game. According to Kyiv, Putin has roughly 100,000 Russian troops training for a possible invasion of Ukraine, in addition to nuclear weapons that are being preparing to be placed in Crimea. Placing nuclear weapons in Crimea is a direct blow to Obama and Biden because Putin annexed Crimea in 2014, as I wrote, while Obama was pivoting to China with Biden.

I am suggesting to US officials and European NATO officials that NATO becomes the world’s number one protector of freedoms and establishes a global foothold right now while it still can.

No country outside of Russia’s hinterland sees Russia as a direct threat to their economic viability or to their national security anymore. Simply put, Russia is not a global threat as it was for the majority of the last century when most countries in the world were always concerned and fearful. Besides Russia’s neighbors, the countries that are in the most vulnerable positions right now are India, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and the Philippines, among others. The US intelligence officials must read the world properly and plan their strategies to counter these dynamics. Trump did absolutely nothing in four years to bait Russia into a regional war. Why is Biden doing the opposite and openly baiting and daring Russia to make a move now? If Putin makes the first move, the world’s—and especially the US public’s—attention will be on Russia, not China. In essence, Biden is using international politics and very dangerous issues to ensure that Trump does not return to the White House in 2024.     

If the US cannot depend on the countries in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance—Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand—across the board on all critical issues going forward, then China will be able to impose its influence on countries based on different strategies and rack up wins. In January 2021, for example, New Zealand did not sign the Five Eyes document that condemned China’s crackdown on democracy in Hong Kong. If a country like New Zealand is ready to balk at the issue of Hong Kong, then they will also carefully avoid many other critical issues. During the entire dismantling of Hong Kong, China always took one step forward and then one step sideways, evaluating domestic and international reactions. Then as their intentions became clearer their steps became firmer, and just when everyone said they would never risk going all the way, China did exactly that—went all the way and never looked back.

The US will lose in many cases because nobody in the world wants American military near their geopolitical areas anymore. These countries have seen what happens when America comes through. And what is worse is they have seen and witnessed what America does afterwards—one can look at Vietnam, Cuba, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, northern Iraq, Syria, and Libya. No country leadership would want to risk becoming involved in a similar situation after seeing the losses in each of these countries and, by extension, regions.

Seeking out different views on what was happening in Turkey, how public opinion was changing, and how these changes could challenge the US’s position never seemed pertinent for US officials.

This is why I am suggesting to US officials and European NATO officials that NATO becomes the world’s number one protector of freedoms and establishes a global foothold right now while it still can. NATO is the only institution left in the world that can take on such a role. While considering Japan as a future member, Australia and New Zealand could become immediate members and other nations, such as South Korea, affiliates. NATO, with its base in Brussels and 30 members, is perceived much more positively than the US military. Having NATO vessels in the South China Sea or off the coast of Japan and North Korea will be a more effective deterrent than US vessels. Every country in Europe, starting with Germany, France, and Spain, has interests in stabilizing East Asia, which is now geopolitically the most dangerous area. Russia and Putin know their hinterland and their limitations; they will not move beyond those limits. Russia is not a threat to the world anymore—only to its own region and the countries that used to be part of its sphere.                 

The US & Turkey

In a 2020 interview with the New York Times, Biden clearly showed his displeasure with Turkey as he asserted for US support for the opposition in Turkey.[7] When I saw this interview, I was surprised, as an issue this critical and bold is not something you tell reporters who are following you around to get stories to print. I knew this was just another case of lack of vision and misguidance. Obama and Biden have both shown the world that they are men of spite—whoever does anything against their interests, they politically target them. This especially includes American institutions and voters. For this reason, properly analyzing what happened between 2014 and 2016 between the Obama administration and Turkey is critical.     

In the same interview, Biden also commented that he was worried about the nuclear weapons that are stored in Turkey, an issue that is usually not referred to so explicitly. Everyone knows those warheads, estimated around 50, are there but nobody discusses them. Perhaps Biden has already decided to move the nuclear weapons from Turkey and store them in another country. If this happens, it will come right after the Nagorno-Karabakh war, in which Turkey indirectly assisted America by curbing the role and regional power grab of Russia. If Biden and Democrats were truly worried about Putin and Russia, then they should have thanked Turkey for its role in assisting Azerbaijan in defeating Armenia, and thus Russia.

Moreover, Biden should have also then thanked Erdoğan for his success in fending off the Russian proxies in Libya. Turkey fought off Russian mercenaries in Libya successfully, preventing Russia from taking control over Libya. Not only is Turkey realigning its foreign policy and improving its ties with Egypt and Sudan, among other countries, it has already made investments in the entire region, including Libya, where no country in the world is racing to invest in.

Recent History of US-Turkey Relations

The intriguing thing in US-Turkish recent history is that the US and Turkey came very close to fighting in Iraq together two times. In 1991, President Turgut Özal personally lobbied Bush Sr. in order to enter Iraq from the north so that Saddam would be defeated quickly and Turkey could reap the international prestige and economic benefits of assisting its NATO ally afterward. When garnering public opinion for why he wanted to do this, Özal explained to the Turkish people that by doing this, Turkey would have a multiplier effect in return for its active role. Bush Sr. said no, but asked Turkey to keep 200,000 troops on the border to have a deterrent effect on Hussein. Bush Sr. promised Özal and Turkey that the US would be highly appreciative of these gestures and would heavily invest in Turkey accordingly. Although senior administration officials and delegations came to Turkey on Bush’s instructions, investments other than minor ones never occurred.

The US could have easily assisted a country with the economic size of Turkey in 1991, but Bush was voted out in January 1993 and Özal died in April 1993. With these two leaders gone, the mutual trust and promises disappeared. Before he passed away, Özal had been planning to reenter politics. Public opinion, however, was not in his favor. Due to the presence of Sunni Muslims in Iraq, Özal had received negative reactions from the Turkish people about his regional policies. He consequently lost immense support. Had Özal lived, he could have met with political disaster on the Turkish stage. Özal bet on the wrong horse, which was America, as they left him without substantial success and benefits that he could clearly present to Turkey and the region. With Iran and Iraq being Turkey’s biggest trading partners, Özal remained independent during the Iraq/Iran war of nearly a decade. Yet, after the war, trade and investment with the US remained dismal compared to the US vs. the world, as Bush Sr. left the scene without investing in Turkey.

While shoving the Iraq war with arrogance, ignorance, and zero patience, the Bush administration trusted that its traditional partners in Turkey would come through to maintain their perceived strategic relationship.

While placing special emphasis on its military and intelligence sharing with Turkey, always cultivating and protecting those relationships, the US never placed the same kind of emphasis on economic and cultural exchanges. Nobody cared about these issues in Washington, D.C., as deals between Turkey and the US were typically military contracts. During my banking career, in 1990, I was directly responsible as the senior lead bank/banker for the FMC/Nurol armored combat vehicle project in Gölbaşı, Ankara. This project, which set banking records for Turkey and was the largest project finance deal of its time, was very successful for the US. However, it was a military project, and the US only had a defense-oriented approach toward such big projects. Therefore, the same DC-based institutions were always lobbying the same institutions—defense, intelligence, senior-level bureaucrats, political decision makers—in Ankara. Everyone seemed comfortable with this state of affairs, as there were no pressing issues because of the narrow scope.

As a corporate banker, and later during my political career, I had a firsthand view of these situations. My upbringing in Washington, D.C. from 1965-1984, which ingrained the American experience and values within me, followed by my early career at Citibank Istanbul helped me acquire extensive knowledge and a wide perspective about many different issues, especially US-Turkey relations. Citibank at the time was the largest, most powerful financial institution in the world, and it was the first American bank invested in Turkey. Turkish banks learned how to conduct international banking operations and procedures by watching Citibank and its activities. This was crucial for Turkey’s economic integration with the West and the international financial system during this period.

Another important step toward Turkey’s economic integration with the West was Özal’s game-changing decision to make the Turkish lira a fully convertible currency in 1989. Contrary to public fear, people in Turkey were in no rush to change their liras into US dollars. Turkish banks observed Citibank to understand consumer banking trends while monitoring the Turkish economy at the time. I remember having meetings with the owners of family-owned and operated banks in Turkey who wanted to understand my experiences during this transformative period. My unique approach was to combine business and politics to form a bigger picture at all times.     

Citibank was also well known in Turkey for its training and development culture, whereby young bankers who were successfully trained went on to manage Turkey’s important banking institutions. As these young bankers had unique international banking experiences and knowledge, almost every one of them was a prime candidate for local banks that were interested in transformation. International banks who decided to follow Citibank and set up banking operations in Turkey during this period also tapped into Citibank’s talent pool. The bank’s effective teaching techniques allowed young bankers to quickly advance in their careers. It was unusual for Citibank to hire people who did not have graduate degrees but I might have been the only one at age 21 in 1984.  

By 1988, I was fortunate to join my boss and a small group of teammates from Citibank in managing Istanbul-based Interbank. Interbank was a medium-sized bank with a good reputation and strong ownership. From day one, our senior management team was empowered by ownership to redefine the culture of the bank as an institution that prided itself on its corporate relationships and successful training of young professionals. Interbank, during our time, was considered the best corporate bank in Turkey. I was fortunate to become an executive at the age of 25 and lead this transformation with my team.

During my eight years there, Interbank became a school for young bankers—just like Citibank. We had a powerful vision, thus we were able to recruit the best and the brightest in Turkey to join Interbank and train them to become successful leaders, many of whom went on to run many different banks and financial groups in Turkey. I do not recall many days off as we worked every day to achieve our objectives, until the day management changed. When I was training young leaders for my political movement, I was able to share my firsthand experiences and knowledge across the board on many issues. I was hoping to parlay my abilities in training young banking leaders into guiding societal leaders in Turkey for civil society and politics. By the age of 35, I was in a perfect position to lead one of the smaller banks in Turkey but I decided to leave my business career and volunteer full-time for my political movement after 1995. At the time, I clearly saw that Turkey needed top-tier civil/political leaders much more than it needed top-tier bankers.

My corporate banking-focused business experience combined with my passion for politics constantly pushed my mindset with the ambition for new ideas and unique solutions, thereby allowing me to handle issues successfully. Today, I carry the sense of accomplishment from a professional/political life that spanned over 25 years from 1984-2010. I personally experienced all of the critical international flashpoints and political tipping points regarding Turkish-American relations, and this multi-part contribution is a reflection of those experiences.             

Had the US government set clear objectives for US big business back in the 90s, there could have easily been a number of American factories in Turkey today. Expatriates from these corporations would not only have had the chance to learn Turkish and Anatolian customs, but also encounter hard-working people that they could build a trust-based long-term relationship going forward. Instead, Washington’s scope remained limited to Istanbul and Ankara. There was a standard circle of people and institutions that decision makers would visit in Ankara to expedite their desired decisions. A two-day trip to Ankara, and one night in Istanbul on their way back, to see the same people in the same business and media groups was the typical short, efficient, and targeted trip. After usually spending Friday nights in Istanbul, everyone would be back in Washington, D.C. on Saturday to report their results.

These types of brief and targeted American political visits to Turkey happened routinely from 1993 until 2003. Seeking out different views on what was happening in Turkey, how public opinion was changing, and how these changes could challenge the US’s position never seemed pertinent for US officials. Officials saw no need to expand their vision or interests beyond the military and intelligence areas. This so-called strategic partnership between the US and Turkey was so one-dimensional that the vote on the equal distribution of military leadership under Turkish military command, in addition to the even distribution of land forces inside Iraq, ignited the entire relationship, creating permanent faultlines.[8] Slowly but surely Turkey was becoming anti-American. If the US had invested economically, socially, and culturally in Anatolia, I do not believe those stakeholders would have allowed one vote to bring down the relationship.     

By the time Condoleezza Rice came to Turkey for her last trip as Secretary of State, she started questioning Turkish officials—including then-Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül—as to why Americans were not welcomed as before and why anti-Americanism was rising in Turkey. She was however too late in her observations. She was neither timely nor properly informed that Turkey had changed for good. Rice was one of the key people under Bush who positioned Turkey permanently in the Middle East with the Greater Middle East Initiative (GMEI), so as a political scientist, she should have been able to comprehend what actually occurred during her watch. I was surprised at how misinformed she was: Rice was told it was the main opposition party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), which was spreading anti-American rhetoric throughout the nation to play to their sensitive base. CHP had neither the motive nor vast grassroots ability to do something like this. They laid the entire blame on the CHP for their stern opposition to the 1 March vote. This was the farthest thing from the truth.  

Furthermore, government officials reporting to DC would strangely explain to officials behind closed doors how the Turkish military did not take ownership of the vote in parliament and never made any public announcements of support. In other words, despite doing their job, the Turkish military was blamed for being involved in the negotiations leading up to the vote. The defense and national security officials in Washington thus targeted the Turkish military; they did this publicly while expressing their disappointment in the people they knew and trusted for so long. As I note in my 2005 article, “Paradigm Shift in Turkish-US Relations,” this did not go over too well in military circles in Turkey. It was clear to me the relationship was severed beyond repair. In July 2003, several months after the US invaded Iraq, Turkish troops were detained in Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq, by US command in an area where they were not expected to be. During the interrogation and detention period, hoods were placed over their heads. The US downplayed the significance, and instead of criticizing the newly formed government, which Washington politically supported, they criticized the military and the opposition, which was one of the critical downfalls of the relationship. The US officials’ and military’s lack of moral support was not lost on any military officer in Turkey who was imprisoned on false charges in these years. Individuals who had worked well with Washington, D.C. for decades were left to fight their legal and moral battles alone. Everyone who was watching carefully in Turkey like myself knew exactly what this meant.                

In short, while shoving the Iraq war with arrogance, ignorance, and zero patience, the Bush administration trusted that its traditional partners in Turkey would come through to maintain their perceived strategic relationship. There was no effort to check Turkish public opinion and understand how Turkey was changing. Turkey had already voted out much of the political baggage from the 90’s. The new government had enough power to do anything with the number of seats it had in parliament, which was unheard of in Turkish politics. Washington should have understood well and been prepared for the CHP’s negative vote. Washington did not care about Turkey or the fallout for Turkish people, and almost two decades later, Turkey is still paying for this. In hindsight, had Turkey been the US partner according to the original plan, Turkey at least would have been able to establish economic, social, and cultural networks while American troops pulled away from the region. This would have prevented Iraq from failing as it did. As they quickly lost credibility on weapons of mass destruction along with their welcome in the region, I am sure the US would have been eager to leave most of Iraq to Turkey. Turkey would most certainly have done a better job of rebuilding Iraq with some semblance of decency. If you consider the Turkish business and contractors that have helped northern Iraq’s war-torn economy recover, this would have been a better alternative.

Concluding Remarks

Washington, D.C. simply is not in a position anymore to make mistakes, as this luxury is long gone. The last time that everything was done correctly under proper authority, rule of law, international coalitions, and principles directly tied to the war effort was the Iraq War in 1991 under Bush Sr. That was 30 years ago. As for 11 September 2001, that was exactly 20 years ago. Trump frequently talked about the two ongoing endless wars and he did his best to downsize them. Had Trump been re-elected he would have quickly ended both. It is ironic how after the intelligence officers and the media who declared Trump should not to be trusted with the “nuclear button,” Trump was the one who was about to end both wars. The lamentable state of the Democratic Party, along with the current state of the media, spell trouble for the US. Personally, I felt much better when Trump had control, as I do not trust Biden and his administration at all. In the next four years, Biden and his policies will have irreparable repercussions for the US and the international community vested in America.


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Kemal Köprülü
Kemal Köprülü

Kemal Köprülü is the Publisher of Transatlantic Policy Quarterly (TPQ).

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