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It does not require being as brilliant as Albert Einstein or as visionary as Prophet Mohammed to understand that the US has experienced deep and unresolved issues that have been increasing over time and especially deepened after the September 11 tragedy. As a result, I asked my editors at TPQ to begin thinking about a serious discussion during this peculiar coronavirus-infused period on our platform. We want to invite people to share their life stories and experiences in searching for what is wrong with America. We would like to have a series of open-ended discussions and debates that would foster new ideas on how to help the US get out of this downward spiral that I personally experienced politically during the last two decades with Washington, D.C. I think going forward America needs to swallow enormous bites of humble pie for a very long period of time and go back to basics, reset itself, and find people who have actual life experiences so that these can be used by others to emulate. University lectures, theories, abstract thoughts, and long speeches from individuals who have no life experience are not what America needs anymore. These immense problems, along with the current education system and universities, are all included in the formula that is responsible for bringing America down. From what I experienced in 2020, of which I was fortunate to be able to spend mostly in Florida, we made the right call as these debates have become even more critical now than ever before.

As a Turkish American who spent his entire youth in Washington, D.C. and has been involved in Turkish-American politics from 1993-2010, I consider myself to be an internationalist thinker who understands the importance of US presidential political decisions and how global and domestic decision-making processes affect the entire world. As someone who always thinks strategically and emphasizes politics first, I try to always maintain the bigger picture in order to expand my vision on issues that I am passionate about. I comprehend the importance of America being stable, self-confident, and strong. Through my internalization of the American experience and understanding, I was able to influence young people in Turkey and abroad about the American system’s uniqueness with different kinds of checks and balances. Four years of bad management, lack of leadership, and periodical economic crises would not result in lost hope or shake the core of the country. Different communities, cultural foundations, religions, youth sports, and civil society groups at the base of the country created a system of embedding American principles and values in young people. For me personally, these included honesty, transparency, accountability, teamwork, humility, hard work, and self-confidence. These values, among others, were supposed to kick in at various periods during your youth and provide individuals and families with tools to cope with difficult times and unusual challenges. I discovered that these not only work for sports, but they especially work in life when you develop and apply them together. However, the core fabric of America has been deeply damaged, and these values do not exist for most young people anymore. Every child, adult, and family will have a much more difficult path going forward with health, economic, cultural, social, and international crises all simultaneously happening.   

My American Experience

My personal American experience unfolded between 1965 and 1984, when I lived in Washington D.C. and attended school in Maryland and later the University of Richmond in Virginia. My family name extends to the Ottoman Empire, to the 1650–1705 period. I am a 13th generation direct descendent from Köprülü Mehmet Pasha, who gave his name to the tree of grand viziers who ran the Ottoman Empire. Ottoman heritage is one of the most critical backbones of Turkey and fortunately of this world, which is why it is not possible to erase or try to change our history. Ottoman legacies of more than 600 years left many positive transformations in Europe and the extended Middle East starting with architectural design, which transformed the entire empire and brought different cultures together under one umbrella. My father worked as the Press Attache for the Turkish Embassy in Washington and my mother was the very first White House Correspondent of any Turkish media group back in the 70’s and 80’s. Hürriyet Newspaper in this period was considered Turkey’s Washington Post, matching its tough ethical values and principles which all in time started to dissipate and then faded entirely due to long-term Turkish instability and domestic economic demise. Now in Turkey this group in addition to many others are government-owned, operated, or influenced — in a similar manner to what I witnessed this entire year in the US with the Democrats and CNN, MSNBC, ABC and others.

Growing up, I had the chance to interact with the senior White House officials, international politicians, ambassadors, responsible journalists, US congresspeople and senators, and senior staff from all branches of the government who visited our home. I never had any time to think about the problems of the day like racism and similar issues. All my friends were international people from all over the world and our entire family network were decision makers that were in their primes trying to do their jobs properly. Until I returned to Turkey after 1985, I had never experienced or felt discrimination. It was only after I began to get involved in Turkish civil society and politics in 1993 I encountered hostility. Everyone started to spew lies and animosity toward me and my ideas. It is in Turkey where I experienced deep hatred for the first time in my life. Growing up in America, I never had these problems. My friends were a mix of Armenian, Iranian, Greek, Jewish, Filipino, and Pakistanis for the most part. One of my closest friends in elementary school was the son of Jeb Magruder, one of Richard Nixon’s top aides who went to prison for Watergate. In 1972, at the age of nine, I went to the Nixon Campaign headquarters with him to volunteer. The Magruders lived in my neighborhood so we would always gather at his home. One day after the Nixon/Watergate impeachment hearings, the family was gone and the house was empty.  

Another neighbor was Mark Pryor, who I also went to high school with. His father was Senator David Pryor of Arkansas, who was someone who I am sure was instrumental in Governor Bill Clinton getting elected in Arkansas and then becoming president. We would always talk politics freely and passionately. Following his father’s retirement in 1997, Mark became Senator of Arkansas taking over the same seat in 2003. During one of my Washington, D.C. trips, I visited Mark after his election. I will never forget that it was Mark who was the first person to inform me that he thought a fellow Democratic Senator named Barack Obama was going to run for president, suggesting that I meet with him. Mark was not involved in international politics and was thinking about people who would be interested in discussing international topics in the US Senate. I was proud of what he had achieved. He was the class president at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland, and even then, everyone had high hopes for him. Mark and all of my childhood friends could not understand how I had formed a political movement [1] in Turkey at the age of 31, and I was spending the best years of my life trying to transform Turkey. I had interned several years during the summers for several US congressmen before graduating college. I would go to committee meetings to take notes for different congressmen, whom usually gave me five minutes to share my analysis before a critical vote. I understood politics at a very young age and I was good at figuring how things would emerge after a vote or after elections.

Everyone was expecting me to become involved in US politics and Washington, D.C. and become the first Turkish congressman ever. When I do reflect, this was the road I should have pursued for myself instead of Turkey. My mistake was if I had given the same time, energy, and passion in America, I could have helped change things for the better in the US political system and certainly gotten many young people involved. My vision for Turkey created an extraordinary new space that we initiated, developed, and grew into a political/civil society sphere of influence, allowing us to carve out a piece of the existing political system. This mindset and kind of politics in Turkey back then was unprecedented; almost three decades later this still has not been repeated. As we created more space for ourselves plus funding on our core issues, I only became more efficient with experience. The movement and its passionate young members became a well-oiled machine. As the leader of this movement, I never saw anyone in Turkey as my competitor, as we were in our own league with very powerful binding principles and values. Everyone in Turkey and from around the world who met members from the movement knew immediately they were different because they had self-confidence and carried themselves in a unique manner. Nobody in Turkey could have done what we did and leaving such a perfectly positioned movement right where it was ready to fly and transform the country was not easy.     

Throughout all of my international political work, one of the most remarkable leaders I met was President Bill Clinton, whom we had a meeting with in November 1999 in Istanbul during his five-day trip to Turkey with his family. Bill Clinton’s presence alone was extraordinary and powerful, as it instantly commanded full attention and extreme detail. The White House Advance Team had come well before to prepare the visit and I was “prepped” by them on everything so I had the okay to be able to attend other events with Mrs. Clinton. I also had the honor of meeting Dr. Henry Kissinger in the June 2006 Bilderberg meetings held in Montreal, Canada. Participants sat in alphabetical order so I was fortunate to be seated next to him the entire weekend and absorb everything possible. I told him all about Turkey and he was fascinated and interested in everything I told him. I gave him copies of TPQ which he said he would read.    

The American political system for a long time has been breaking down, and now in my view, it is broken and every political election cycle to double down on everything is further destroying the fabric that is the essence of the American system.

I have been on record for political issues, especially international relations and Turkish-US relations, for 18 years between 1993-2011. I was invited to political capitals all over the world and everywhere I spoke or made a presentation nothing was off the record and I answered every question truthfully and always made sure everyone in the audience who was listening understood exactly what I was saying. In addition to US Congress senior staffers, Turkish embassy officials, institutions/think tanks, major lobby groups, university professors, and politically-affiliated groups, most of the attendees of these roundtables and presentations were US Government, White House,  Pentagon, State Department, and National Security officials. Not once did I speak off the record during these events. I was aware of the fact that everything that I said in these gatherings would be presented in some way or fashion to their superiors so I was as transparent and open as possible. I must have made well over 50 trips to Washington, D.C. The National Democratic Institute and the Heritage Foundation each once covered my expenses, but otherwise, 95 percent of these trips were self-financed, as nobody was knocking my door to finance my trips for some reason. Naturally, when everyone heard I was in town regarding Turkey, my schedule would immediately fill up. This article is at the same time an account for everything that I did between 1993-2011. These are all personal experiences and critical political developments that I witnessed and they need to be recorded.

I have consolidated all of my important articles. The first article I wrote for President Bill Clinton when I was invited to an NGO summit for leaders that I arranged with the US Embassy and NSC during his trip to Turkey in November 1999 can be found on TPQ’s website. I tried to carefully put together my vision at the time for Turkey going forward in the millennium. The White House gave me the authority to publish that article pre-TPQ. It is very important here for me to note that the Turkish Government, which was led by Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit, tried to cancel this NGO summit three times. It was the American side – Tony Blinken from NSC and James Jeffrey from Ankara – who were the ones who informed me of the situation and reassured me that the meeting would definitely occur. Blinken was kind enough to call me from Air Force One just as it was leaving to come to Ankara and said he would brief President Clinton on the plane about our meeting. James Jeffrey was the number two in Ankara and had just come to his new position and he became someone who I could always openly debate with and confide in anytime I wished, as I have great respect for him. Although the meeting with President Clinton was scheduled for 20 minutes, it lasted for 45 minutes due to our very engaging conversation. On their way back to the US, they visited several other countries where I was informed the president had referenced me and my political movement in Turkey.  

Transparency and Accountability in the American System 

America has in my view lost sight of its basic principles and values that I learned in my youth and what made America special to me. The American political system for a long time has been breaking down, and now in my view, it is broken and every political election cycle to double down on everything is further destroying the fabric that is the essence of the American system. During the 2020 coronavirus-infused elections, I watched very carefully and saw clearly that this is indeed the case. The combination of political parties, lifetime politicians and bureaucrats, lobbyists, lawyers, Big Tech conglomerates, Hollywood, Wall Street, unaccountable fundraising in the billions, and the flawed election system has created political earthquakes that are felt all across the world. Everyone has gotten out of their respective lanes and most are not doing their jobs properly. There are virtually no boundaries between these groups anymore. Everyone jumps from one group to the other and then jumps back whenever they wish to. There is no accountability in decision-making anymore. Big Tech, for example, has morphed into an uncontrollable political action committee in a way. They have became part of politics and further skewed the entire system in the last decade. When all the rules and regulations for politics were written and applied, there was no social media elephant in the room so none of the political laws or election systems took social media conglomerates into account. Now all these laws and rules must be rewritten and reapplied accordingly. Until these are rewritten and everyone in America knows who is positioned where and why, this broken system will continue to overload itself.

The entire political system in America needs to be revamped and restructured with transparency, accountability, political ethics, and rule of law…

In that regard, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is doing a great job by protecting his residents and voters by using state checks on Big Tech. If he is successful, this must applied by all critical governors throughout the US. This shows that national restructuring in the US Congress with clear rules of engagement and state governor-led local reboots of old systems must occur together to work. Democrats and Republicans have to come together quickly to enact this in order for implementation to begin as soon as possible and thus influence society ensuring fair elections.        

When people do not do their jobs properly, then there are always problems in whatever business you are in. In politics, there is a tremendous lack of transparency that is being promoted and also being rewarded. Minor cases of accountability to feed to the public are so rare, which was not the case in the past. People lost their jobs, were ruined in the public domain, and the worst ones who committed crimes went to jail. But now incompetence is rewarded in a very peculiar fashion. If you follow these rules and requirements of not being transparent, you will not have to be accountable for anything as long as you perform well in public. You get to keep your position and if you are really good at what you are doing, which is deceiving the public, they double down on you, use you even more, and try to promote you. 

Two examples of this kind of dark politics during 2020 have been Congressmen Adam Schiff of California’s 28th District and Eric Swalwell of California’s 15th District. These two gentlemen during the fake Russian collusion impeachment trials went beyond the call of duty and lied to the entire world hundreds of times. Swalwell had already been under surveillance by the FBI in 2015 – before Trump became president – about his connection to an alleged Chinese spy. Years of working with a suspected Chinese spy that the FBI knew about did not seem to faze Swalwell in all of his passionate outbursts and lies against Trump. It turned out that the Chinese had done very efficient spying all over California throughout these years and the FBI had to brief senators and congresspeople on potential fallouts from Chinese espionage. Senator Dianne Feinstein’s personal chauffeur for 20 years was a Chinese spy. Swalwell went to great lengths to explain to the world how Trump had been compromised in Russia politically and in other manners – yet, in essence, he was describing his own personal situation with China and a Chinese spy. This happened between 2011-2015 until the FBI stopped this. How can the Democrats allow these people who have absolutely zero moral authority to remain in critical committees, to constantly lie on their own personalized TV channels? This now all makes sense to me when I look back at five years ago, when their fake Russian collusion lies and deceit against Trump was clearly an attempt to hide their own facts of being successfully spied on by the Chinese for years and caught by the FBI. If there were any sense of accountability, both would lose their positions and their congressional seats.  

The social media monopolies must have competition, the political mindset must change, and anybody who holds the old mindset must be replaced.

Does Nancy Pelosi, who resides in the 12th District of California, care about all this? Did this fallout not occur under her watch? During the elections, the Democrats knew they were dead in the water under any normal circumstances and Trump would have easily beaten Biden. But the playing field, starting from the change in election laws, led by Pelosi, were deliberately changed and COVID-19 became the Democrats’ most precious tool that they could squeeze drop by drop throughout the entire year to ensure the destruction of Trump. If Trump was such a disaster and someone who threatened the American people with his actions and words, then just beat him fair and square in the elections. This shows that the Democrats do not trust the American people and this is exactly why they changed the rules. They never imagined in their political games played throughout 2020 that 74 million would actually vote for Trump. This changing of the goal posts of the political game is unprecedented in American politics and we have a lot of this in our part of the world, Turkey and beyond. This type of shady politics shows that the game is simply to make money inside politics and maintain your position and power so that your friends and colleagues can also make money inside politics. This is the kind of dark politics that I find pathetic, the kind which not only is dangerous for America but sets an awful low bar overseas for anyone who is following carefully. Anyone who is paying attention sees this clearly and is appalled. European nations that do normally pay attention to such internal matters are even appalled. Some leaders in the EU have already expressed their disappointment at this dangerous precedent being set, because they understand the next wave will hit Europe with the fallout of this political earthquake.

Donald Trump was a wealthy man long before he decided to run for president and he did not need to feel the need to enrich himself off the American people. He used his position of wealth and independence to maximize his energies on his promises to his voters without owing anybody one dollar. Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush Sr./Bush Jr. were all from different kinds of wealth and did not need to enrich themselves off the backs of the people. If anyone in Washington, D.C. truly believes deep down inside that 21 January 2021 was the dawn of some new day, they are sadly mistaken, as this new administration is full of people with no idea on how to govern and will suffer tremendously. During the next four years America will take substantial steps backwards as their only objective will be to destroy everything Trump did, which will wear down this administration quickly.        

The entire political system in America needs to be revamped and restructured with transparency, accountability, political ethics, and rule of law at the top of the very long list that needs transformation. As I mentioned earlier, there must be clear distinctive walls between every political group that will prevent people from oscillating between them as easily. Laws must be passed for all of this to happen. The political system was set up long before Facebook and Twitter came along, and now due to their monopolistic and ideological position, the system must be reformed to include social media as political entities. The social media monopolies must have competition, the political mindset must change, and anybody who holds the old mindset must be replaced. The longer these monopolies maintain their power and positions the deeper America will fall into a dark hole—they have to be challenged and voted out. If America continues on this path, by January 2025 the world will be a far different place and I will explain exactly how and why.

Until this year, I had thought I had seen everything there was to see in my part of the world from Turkey to Russia, Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the greater Middle East, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Libya, Cyprus, Armenia, and Afghanistan. All someone needs to do is look at all these issues and topics in my Journal from March 2002 on our website to see clearly what has occurred. Starting from Turkey’s predicament, you will understand how volatile and unstable the entire extended continent is and this stems mainly from consistently bad American political decisions made from 11 September 2001 until 21 January 2017 when Barack Obama left office.

Every country in the Western world has a far-left wing of its respective political system but never are they allowed to take control of the social democratic parties and establish the agenda for any political party in power, enacting their policies at will. There are usually coalitions and the powers of these radical leftists are always checked carefully because usually their decisions are way off base and never make sense economically. This is what is happening in America with the Democrats, and everyone in the world is following these developments because they will face similar threats and copycat leftists in Europe and elsewhere. More than likely, these like-minded far leftists around the world all know each other and have exchange programs and close collaboration so the mismanagement by the Democrats of their own party in America will have tremendous effects. Digesting all of this will be extremely difficult because everything the far left gets from the Democrats will go global and parties in Europe and elsewhere will be championing their successes and demanding the same thing for their people in various countries. During the last five years a lot of center-right nationalistic parties jumped on the Trump bandwagon and had various successes in their countries as a result. Whatever repercussion emerged from the Trump global movement because of nationalistic feelings and emotions will be far outweighed by the international far left movement, as there will be huge economic costs.        

2020: COVID-19 & US Elections

During 2020 when so many Americans tragically died, everyone in the political world astonished me because I knew it was the point of no return — instead of cooling down the pulse of the nation and trying to find some kind of reason and normalcy, everything was doubled down on willingly and knowingly. America was broken down further into pieces. The US has been mismanaged to the brink of disaster where it is sadly teetering dangerously today. The American political system has no moral authority whatsoever in the international arena on media freedoms, freedom of speech, and debate. The US State Department should stop doing its reports on press freedoms and going around the world telling countries how their situations have worsened. The US has gone backwards, as trust in the media is below 50 percent now and will fall even further. [2]     

Just before the initial COVID-19 storms that started around mid-March, I saw the classic university crowds during spring break dancing on the beaches one day and then the next day they literally disappeared. Hotels and restaurants closed soon after and things happened so fast in Miami and I was pleasantly surprised this was the case because if left to other people the gravity of the virus would only have taken more time to settle in. Quick and decisive actions were taken by officials to get everyone out of Miami who did not belong in Miami. I was quickly aware of the fact that COVID-19 was either going to positively bring people closer together or negatively tear the country apart further because of the elections.   

During this period, I started following CBS News, the only channel I used to trust for American news, for developments on the coronavirus. It was not difficult for me to decipher quickly that CBS was clearly championing New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo by praising him and his decisions consistently as the best manager of the pandemic. CBS pointed to him as a leader who should be emulated by others—especially by Miami, and Florida as a whole. With CNN, CBS and others’ coverage of the viral video of spring breakers dancing on the beaches of South Beach and spreading COVID-19 everywhere, Florida Governor DeSantis became prime material for destruction. The spring breakers that come every mid-March to Florida were literally gone in one day and I saw this with my own eyes so it is a fact. Then I had to watch for several months the tit for tat between NY officials and Florida officials, and I knew what they were saying about Florida and especially Miami was not true. There was no panic in Miami at any point as I was there and I saw what happened. For a period of over three months, I was able to walk on the streets of South Beach practically alone for hours at a time so very few people were on the streets. More people started wearing masks on the streets especially elderly people and there were long lines every day in different locations to get tested. People around the world who watched CNN thought Miami was under a coronavirus siege and everybody was dying in Miami, so friends and family would check up on me. I told everyone to not trust CNN on anything, as everything they said was wrong and their intention was to stoke fear in people so that the Democrats could win Florida on 3 November. It was simple for me to read into their daily lies so I knew I had to raise my antennas and do more research to find out the actual truths.  

NY state being politically in the bank for Democrats was naturally used throughout the year to create fear in Florida, and if anything, Miami was one of the quickest out of the COVID-19 gate once scientists started to decipher the virus. It did not then take me long to figure out that this was not about the virus or whether or not Cuomo was a greater leader than DeSantis. I understood that it was all about 3 November and weakening Florida in the eyes of the nation, especially during the pandemic, which was especially critical as Trump resided in Florida. Trump had an excellent relationship with everyone in Florida including Senator Marco Rubio, who was one of the Republicans who ran against him in 2016. Expectations were that Florida could be the decider just like it was in November 2000. States like New York, California, and Illinois are always blue so Democrats do not have to worry about campaigning there or spending any money. Therefore, when it turned out that most of these states were badly managed during the coronavirus crisis, this was the perfect way to deflect from the fact that Democrats were so incompetent. So as the coronavirus was fair game in the eyes of the Democrats, why not attack Florida, Texas, and Arizona, and pit Republican governors against the Democratic ones and see how much destruction could be caused with the virus before the election? They kept hammering at these governors and city officials of these states like they were badly run and COVID-19 would overrun them entirely. The terms set by the Democrats were immoral. All of these were political lies, and in the middle of a pandemic, Democrats moved the goalposts as thousands of Americans died just to reap the benefits in November. Everything said and done on every issue was completely tied to winning in November and nothing else mattered.

I am not a Democrat or a Republican and I have never voted once during a US election. There are many countries around the world that used to be very jealous of the American system of checks, balances, freedoms, and the individual pursuit of the American dream in whatever form they could imagine. While in Miami, I saw that Florida was polling consistently for Biden 3-5 percent ahead in all of these amazing same polling groups that had gotten everything terribly wrong in 2016 with Hillary Clinton. I had no idea that the political polling game had also been changed. The Democrats had their own polling groups that were told when to release their numbers and how much difference to show nationally and statewide. This did not work in 2016 and looked really bad when Hillary Clinton lost the election after polls showed her leading by 10-12 percent. So the Democrats doubled down and figured because of the coronavirus, where the rules and regulations for voting itself were radically changed in favor of the Democrats, knew exactly which states and counties they could overload and which ones they could not. As a result, the battleground states were all Democrat-run and they were all overloaded with every possible voter gimmick possible. You could not do any of that in Turkey and as someone who has been involved in ballot box protection since 1994, I could not fathom everything they were allowed to get away with.

It was my political movement in 1994 where all of our members volunteered to represent parties at the ballot boxes. We never left any ballot box unattended under our watch and sometimes we had people until midnight without food sitting at their stations. We taught people in Turkey how to do this and why it was critical and then it became a part of the culture with groups that now advocate just this and nothing else. Our movement was an issue-based movement where we would be advocates for issues that we saw as critical for years at a time while simultaneously promoting others to take ownership of these issues and transform them into issue-based NGO’s. This was the mission of the movement: creating awareness and then institutionalizing that particular issue. We were able to achieve tremendous results throughout Anatolia as well with local institutions promoting development and growth. Because of our work in the 90’s and beyond, there are now NGO’s in Turkey that do only voter ballot box protection on election day so this crucial part of Turkey’s political system works.

Now America has joined the league of fraudulent elections and it is not pleasant to see. From what I saw in the videos of voting machines in Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan for example, I could not believe the Republicans allowed all this to happen. From what I could comprehend it was battle stations at all battleground states, with a strategy of throwing everything possible in the book to see what works in the end. Naturally, the ones that worked in favor of the Democrats were the battleground states that were politically run by the Democrats. It looks like the Democrats were able to change the rules and regulations due to the pandemic and permanently loosen controls of the US election system in order to ensure victories in the electoral college system. With 20+ million illegal immigrants ready to be allowed in legally and processed as citizens, I am certain this is their thinking. These new citizens will be strongly encouraged to reside in red states like Texas and Florida. Immigrants in the US who came and did it the right way should be asking for transparency and accountability because they are going to be the ones who lose here.     

An entire coalition starting from media cohorts to the billionaires running America are assisting the Democrats. Destroying Florida, Texas, Arizona and other major Republican stronghold states by flooding them with illegal immigrants is their only objective now. This is why four months after the elections the Democrat machine is attacking DeSantis and Texas Republican leaders, particularly right after the winter storm that left so many people without power in an energy rich state. Their media is terrified that they turned Trump into a martyr and not only were they unable to destroy him, he is stronger now than he ever was before with a base of 74 million people and he will be the de facto leader of the Republicans going forward. If he endorses some good names for 2022 and Republicans win back the US House, then he will be in a very powerful position for 2024. Nobody will challenge him within the Republican ranks if he wants to run. This is also why in the first so-called COVID-19 relief bill of 1.9 trillion dollars Biden is sending tons of bailout cash to rescue California and New York’s mismanagement, corruption, and self-destruction.

Europe must intellectually reset the political basis and ideals for the world, and America must be challenged on everything.

While in Miami, I talked with anybody throughout the entire year, especially young people, to see what they were thinking. This was the first time in my life when during an election period, many seemed anxious and insecure with their thoughts and feelings. Whoever supported Biden had a very difficult time trying to explain themselves to me why they were actually doing it. I found out it was mostly anti-Trump sentiments and feelings driving them. When I asked people if they were better off than four years, almost everyone said they were economically until the pandemic hit. Trump supporters were in very different camps as some would proudly and loudly say why they were supporting Trump and how Biden would be a disaster for America especially after COVID-19. There were lots of young people and especially women who finally said they were voting for Trump but they were trying to keep it as quiet and secret as possible because friends and families were divided over this nasty political line. I could sense the polls were wrong in Florida. I met African Americans and Hispanics who enjoyed talking politics and, without facts and proper information, I could sense that many emotions were running and Democrats were trying to feed off those emotions and spew hatred toward Trump. When I would talk about some of the truths that they were not seeing in the press, they were shocked and had no idea about what was being purposely hidden. 

The people in Miami are proud, hardworking people that come from different backgrounds and political experiences, yet they all somehow blend in Florida in an amazing fashion. Many women work two jobs in order to provide for their families, and unfortunately, the pandemic hurt women badly. Most of the people in Miami could see through the spewing of hatred and demonization of anything Trump, and if anything this made them love Trump even more. Florida became one of Trump’s prime stopovers because he moved his residency from New York City to Florida. When you come from countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil, and Argentina people have already experienced turbulent circumstances so they are politically more resistant in a sense. Some people I talked to who did not support Trump knew that he was getting a raw deal and the media was unwatchable to anyone who really cared about politics, which is truly sad. What happened to me in Turkey happened in the US. I was able to come to the US and just watch political talk shows on almost every channel. Now I cannot stand watching some of those channels for one minute anymore. They are all gone. America is consequently in unprecedented territory as the deceit and lies continue to date, which indicates there is a push for a dominant one-party system in America. If this is the case, then the world needs to rethink their political relationships with the US because the old values and principles will soon be destroyed. America will be forced to swallow its moral authority across the world on many issues, starting with freedom of speech. Europe must intellectually reset the political basis and ideals for the world, and America must be challenged on everything. The Republican Party has a historic responsibility on its shoulders in order to prevent this. 74 million citizens understood this.   

According to Florida’s election results, which I followed very closely, 11.1 million people voted which was 63 percent of the eligible voters. [3]  20 percent of the residents in Florida are over the age of 65 and this number corresponds to the 4.3 million early voters in Florida. 3.6 million were mail in ballots and Trump won Florida by 400,000 votes. [4]  Biden was polling 3-5 points up throughout the entire year yet lost by 3. In Miami-Dade County, where I was watching the results, Trump got 46 percent and Biden reduced the normally higher Democratic vote to 53 percent, which probably caused a majority of the difference. Biden now famously said to an African American, if you vote Trump you “ain't Black” and Obama questioned the wisdom of Hispanics in Florida where he was brought in as a last minute resort saver – saying they did not understand the racism in Trump’s eyes and voted for the wrong guy.

Trump was able to increase his Black vote from 6 percent in 2016 to 8 percent in 2020 and Hispanic vote from 28 percent in 2016 to 35 percent in 2020. [5]  As Obama never endorsed Biden in neither election, it is an indictment against first Obama in 2016 and then Biden in 2020 for Trump to be doing so well. As Trump said in the last debate, it is because the Obama/Biden administration did so poorly for eight years that Trump decided to run in 2016 and he beat Hillary Clinton because of this. Florida is the third largest state in the US and with 11 million voters was able to finish counting its votes on time. Apart from conservative outlets, news channels seemed to be in panic mode because I believe in all their calculations they had Florida firmly for Biden and they could not understand how around 2 a.m. in the morning, with the nationwide results, Trump was trending to win the election. It was the first time since Bill Clinton in 1992 where the winner of Florida did not win the presidency.   

The Social, Cultural, and Political Collapse

There was a period from April to June 2020 where some people who still carried common sense appeared to be trying to take action to prevent the bottom from falling out. Everyone was trying to figure out COVID-19 rules and regulations plus more importantly seasonal waves and how these might affect their families and school, etc. However, once the tragic death of George Floyd occurred on 25 May in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the inhumane nine-minute tape recording went viral around the world, this was the beginning of the social, cultural, and political collapse altogether. This collapse was coordinated, fueled, and energized by the Democrats and their nonsense media that they have tamed accordingly. The worst run states and cities in the US coincidentally all are Democrat-run so this entire process simply covered up the incompetent local managements throughout America, starting from Minneapolis and reaching to Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia and, of course, Washington, D.C. It just so happened that the riots, including the very last one on 6 January, all happened in these cities and others where again the Democrats had total control to order police officials to do nothing and allow the violence to spread and settle which set a very dangerous precedent. So if Trump decides to run for the presidency in 2024, more of the same should be expected. This is why the National Guard is still sitting sadly in the city of my youth, Washington, D.C. I am certain that however long the National Guard is in DC, the entirety of their stay will be tied to Trump and blamed on him for many months to come. The negative PR and lies are probably being prepped for this. The same media cohorts will begin their assault at that point for many months going forward tying it closer to 2022 elections. Because Democrats have nothing to run on and nothing to show as successful actions. People in DC should be ashamed of this situation as the world is watching everything closely.         

The media apparatus of the Democrats proceeded to cover up the fact that these cities were being destroyed inside these “peaceful riots.” It was just like Soviet times where every institution out of the Kremlin would read the exact same lines and say the exact same things the entire time. They refused to address the fact that they sold a fake impeachment trial of Trump for three years to the entire world on Russian collusion, which all turned out to be deceit. When it was discovered that it was not true at all, they simply doubled down and during the presidential election season fed the public the exact same lies and got away with it. For four entire years, they were all trained to wrap Trump up with Russia plus anything else awful and package him to the people as a racist. As a result, America broke one of its vital founding principles: the rule of law. The Democrats seemed thrilled because it was all part of the plan to destroy Trump. Why worry about Seattle, Portland, or Minneapolis when you can get rid of Trump and worry about these later.

Many people from the media therefore need to be fired. This is no different than Nixon’s Watergate cover-up, where the Nixon Republican machine was steamrolling through the Democrats by raiding their headquarters and attacking anything that resembled a threat to them from the Democrats. In 2020, the Democrats used similar means against Trump and the Republicans that they clearly saw as a threat to them personally. Nixon had his black list of politicians and journalists whom he wanted destroyed and the Democrats have their black list of politicians, journalists, and voters—74 million—that they want to destroy. Nixon was not successful and everything backfired in his face and destroyed himself and his party.           

So during 2020, the Democrats doubled down on their Russian pretend games and tried in vain to blame Russia on anything positive that Trump did and it was Trump who handled Russia much firmer and tighter than the infamous “Russia Reset” during Obama’s presidency where Russia was reset for life. Russia made every move possible including Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, essentially anywhere they knew Obama would not bother them because Obama was apologizing to the world for Bush Jr.’s calamities and did not show leadership expected from a sitting US President on the world stage, allowing Russia to maneuver itself and position itself strongly going forward.

February 2014 is when Russia annexed Crimea and annexing an area in the world should not be this simple. Crimean Tatars are Turkic people who were historically proud under Ottoman rule because they had rights and their culture preserved. After the Crimean War, over half a million Tatars left for Ottoman lands. The remaining Tatars in 1941 showed their grit and toughness against Nazi Germany after their takeover despite more than a 100,000 people being killed by the Nazis. So for being a tough bunch that always seemed to be on the right side of history, the Crimean Tatars really got the short end of the stick here without much thought or debate in Washington. In Turkey, there are prominent members of society that proudly call themselves Tatars and they are different in the way they carry themselves, stemming from their historical heritage. During this time period, Russia also deployed forces to Eastern Ukraine and throughout 2014 and into 2015, Putin did whatever he wanted to in this area. In July 2014 the tragic Malaysian Airlines was shot down by Russian forces killing 298 people plus the crew. Where were Barack Obama and Joe Biden during this time? I know Biden always seemed preoccupied with Ukraine. Are all these acts together not a sufficient reason to change the status quo and do something so people in Ukraine and surrounding regional countries like Turkey might feel some sense of security? After all of this happened under Obama’s watch do the Democrats not feel a little bit of shame using Russia and Putin to destroy Trump with fake news and deceit for four years?   

The Demise of the Political System & Objective US Media

Being part of the moon generation, I remember watching Neil Armstrong on CBS with Walter Cronkite in 1969. The fact that the Space Force was recently launched by the White House in February 2019 and now Mars is a realistic joint venture between NASA and SpaceX is fantastic and will create credibility and international standing once again for America as a leader in science and technology, just like it did in the 1960’s during some of the worst times in history. One of the rare bright spots moments of 2020 was watching the SpaceX launch from Florida in May 2020. It occurred during all the riots in different cities — just like every Apollo flight in the 60’s — but the coverage of this launch and the reboot of the space program was purposely forgotten soon after. The politically motivated Democrats wanted to prevent any kind of win for the White House during the coronavirus pandemic because the objectives were set and the battle had already begun. In the 60’s people would look forward to these launches to get their minds away from all the racial and cultural strifes and deaths that were occurring such as in 1968. 

Initial distrust in the US political system probably started around 1965, when Lyndon Johnson lied to the American people about the realities on the ground in Vietnam.

During the initial lockdown phase every family in America needed good stories and adrenaline but they were not allowed to have any positive emotions whatsoever because this would have hurt the objective. In contrast to 1969, throughout 2020, Democrats fed the nation the worst possible stories and conspiracies that destroyed American morale to achieve this goal, which was exactly opposite of 50 years ago. John F. Kennedy launched the vision and mission for the moon but it was Richard Nixon who got to congratulate Neil Armstrong in August 1969. Had Lyndon Johnson not thought about the nation and been selfish, he could have run for office in 1968, which everyone was expecting for him to do.  And if he had won, then he would have been the one calling Armstrong. Democrats need to recall their own 50- year history and use history it as an example. It would be wise for American people not to allow the new administration destroy the Space Force and defund the effort to subcontract Mars to the private sector, as they will sorely need wins going forward. This will be a win-win for America and the world, as Mars will transform everything just like the moon mission did 50 years ago.        

Initial distrust in the US political system probably started around 1965, when Lyndon Johnson lied to the American people about the realities on the ground in Vietnam. The Nixon/Watergate scandal in 1974, which resulted in Nixon’s disgraceful resignation from office, compounded the distrust. Nixon lied about so many things starting with Vietnam and Cambodia. Perhaps Lyndon Johnson’s consistent lies to the American people set up Nixon well for the purpose of lying to the people should he need to. As a result, Nixon became a systematic liar embedded with deceit to the American people. It was part of his persona but he saw Johnson getting away with no transparency without being accountable, so why not just imitate this behavior that seemed to be working? This combined period of a decade worth of lying took a severe toll on American values and culture that the people expected from their leaders. On the international level, the world was shocked to see how America was faltering in Vietnam after two world-saving wars and success in Korea that saved South Korea and reset the security arrangement for the Southeast Asia region.

Neither Johnson nor Nixon were able to get away with the secrecy and lies combined with the lack of accountability. These caught up with Johnson and destroyed him personally and sent Nixon home disgracefully. All of Nixon’s people starting with Jeb Magruder lied on behalf of Nixon and the whistleblower turned out to be The White House Counsel, a young promising man who had no idea how his life was going to play out because of fear. America, in the past, had something truly spectacular and unique to the world which was checks and balances within the political system that was set up properly by the founding fathers. Independent media was one of these balancing powers that could always check the system and make sure things were running properly. Independent media was a check in 1776 as well as during the Civil War 1863 and many other critical periods in American history.

The Washington Post was once upon a time a newspaper that I read consistently while living in Washington and even followed online for many years to follow what was going on in D.C. The Post was an institution by itself and with the Pentagon Papers and Watergate, it led to the demise of Johnson plus Secretary of State Robert McNamara and the disgrace of Nixon who won his second term with a landslide victory. This newspaper, which challenged Nixon in his second term when he was so powerful right after a landslide, destroyed two US presidents in one decade and if you include McNamara then you are talking about the three most powerful people from 1960–1974, which is a very long period of time not to be transparent and incompetent while being corrupt.  I think people need to go back and reread the history of The Post very slowly and carefully to understand exactly what kind of institution is being destroyed. One newspaper and two reporters who had strong principles and values plus high levels of media ethics did this. They not only felt accountable to their newspaper and their readers, but they also felt accountable to the world because these issues were affecting the world and how people viewed the US.

America’s media demise is going to bring down international media standards tremendously.

After carefully analyzing the Washington Post over the last several years and especially during 2020, I cannot trust the newspaper anymore, as it is terribly skewed. This is very sad for me personally. How the Post came up with a poll of having Biden ahead of Trump in Wisconsin by 17 percent is simply unimaginable to me. What in the world are they doing in Wisconsin, when Wisconsin has its own press coverage and polling? Why come out with a headline basically telling Wisconsin voters to stay home? What does one gain from these types of deceit? Of course, Wisconsin was a battleground state under the control of Democrats and sadly The Post was a central critical cog in the Trump destruction objective so whatever was produced for the last four years was deceitful to the nation. Wisconsin was one of those states that was so critical the Democrats threw everything in their personal deceitful playbook to ensure that Trump lost Wisconsin.   

I spent many years of my time and energy in addition to great patience in building a truly independent brand of political journalism in a country like Turkey. We are closely followed by our neighborhood, and countries such as Russia, Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. There are so many intricate issues and details that need to be investigated and debated properly. America’s media demise is going to bring down international media standards tremendously. Once you lose your integrity in the media, it is gone, and there is nothing you can do to bring it back. For almost 20 years, my Journal has been asking world leaders, ex- leaders, opinion makers, true experts to bring ideas and debate to our issues, and we solicit articles from young people around the world to share their vision on critical regional and global issues. Our team had to perform during lockdowns throughout this year and we never missed a beat publishing on time on critical issues such as disinformation and misinformation. When we decided last year to do one entire issue on this, I never imagined that it would be America that was the worst case in the world, especially during the pandemic. I am personally responsible to ensure all of them our utmost integrity. Our list of authors is quite extraordinary because we are a non-profit and do not have enough of a revenue to afford to pay people to write for us. We struggle to survive every year, trying to break even with a very modest annual budget.


There used to be media institutions and journalists such as CBS and Walter Cronkite. When Cronkite decided Vietnam was a lost cause and announced to the world that America should look for some semblance of honorable withdrawal from Vietnam, this is when everything changed in public opinion. The change was one person in one institution. To look at the Washington Post and CBS today, especially after 2020’s election coverage, is extremely sad for me. The Post, CBS, and CNN for me personally are like old Kentucky Derby champions that have been injured and consequently aged quickly: they have to be put out to pasture because they lost their championship credibility altogether. They should not run anymore. CNN was an institution that started from scratch; they had nothing but Ted Turner’s vision and passion. One day they started the 24-hour news cycle, which fought against mainstream channels such as CBS and NBC and was everyone’s punch line at the beginning. The news network later evolved into an international icon especially after the Gulf War in 1991 when Bush announced that he was going to invade Kuwait, and CNN embedded itself in Kuwait, Iraq, and even the American army. On 15 January, the night before the war, I flew overnight on one of the classic Pan Am 747 jets to Istanbul just to be able to watch the start of the war on CNN. America started bombing Baghdad at around 2 a.m. Istanbul time and CNN was broadcasting this to the world. Afterwards, I always trusted CNN for critical things going on in the world; however, I do not watch CNN anymore because something happened to CNN. CNN went rogue sometime when I was not paying attention and now I would never trust CNN or CBS after witnessing their 2020 election coverage. MSNBC is unwatchable. But I am sure just like Cuomo was able to receive an Emmy award for his mismanagement of the coronavirus in New York and his abuse of women, these media people will find ways to self-promote and give themselves fake awards like it is done in third world countries. MSNBC and CNN should immediately consider Stephen Schmidt of the Lincoln Project for such an award.  

60 Minutes 

My favorite news show 60 Minutes was used constantly to destroy Trump and I do not watch this program anymore as nobody seems to be accountable or care about not doing their jobs. Every program is prepared for the sole purpose of taking a side against Trump regardless of the issue. After Warp Speed’s success that was touted by Trump and world leaders, CBS had a program explaining how it had nothing to do with Trump and it was all the hard working scientists behind closed doors that led to Warp Speed’s success, which was not true at all. Trump deserves outstanding praise for this process and its success. World leaders such as Merkel, Macron, and Johnson have praised Trump and this process, noting it as a tremendous achievement. Nobody in the world would have been able to achieve such a global-scale project so fast. Trump funded up to six different companies in the event that several of them failed to meet the strict health guidelines as well as timelines that he had set. Trump made his decisions in a business-like manner, making sure that risks were adequately assessed due to the vital nature of the situation. He must have known some of the funding was not going to reap any returns but he was counting on two or three to come through. Trump always used the names of Pfizer/Biotech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, as well as AstraZeneca, which had to be financed by the White House because the British did not have the sufficient resources to finance something this huge so quickly. In every press coverage Trump said the vaccines would be ready by November, latest December, and everybody said he was insane and these were all lies. The scientists that were Democrats said he was delusional and science clearly said this was not possible. The Democrats did not want Trump to come up with the vaccines too early, as this would have ensured his victory.

Because they could not destroy him and he will be back soon, the number one objective now is to prevent any kind of success being associated with Trump, especially Operation Warp Speed. Trump will use this as his number one success during his 2024 campaign and everyone clearly sees this. This is why Biden and Kamala Harris already felt the need to lie to the people after taking office and said there was no virus before they took office. Now they will deceive the nation for four years on Warp Speed. Germany, France, and Great Britain saw Warp Speed as saving lives all around the globe but the Democrats only wanted Trump to fail so that he was dismissed from his authority to be able to do things just like this. People around the world had to be horrified at what was going on in Washington, D.C. because it meant life and death. I am certain that Great Britain, France, and Germany did not think for one second on who should receive the vaccinations in their countries based on politics and race. The speed of Warp Speed may have saved hundreds of thousands of lives and this alone deserves tremendous praise. The Democrats used this very issue to smear Trump, saying Trump was doing nothing sitting in the White House while Americans died on his watch. The Democrats should be absolutely ashamed of their year-long rhetoric here, especially while so many people died on their watch. The editors of 60 Minutes should be fired for what they did.

Project Warp Speed is going to be one of those historic American success stories, such as Apollo 11’s mission to the moon, which everyone in the world will respect and admire in hindsight. The Democrats know this will be the case. If the Democrats will not allow this to be a historic advantage for America going forward, the rest of the world must take ownership of Ward Speed and legitimize its extraordinary accomplishments. This is another reason for the next four years Democrats will take America firmly backwards, as they will try to eliminate Warp Speed’s success in their imaginations. Biden, as a result of Trump, only has to do nothing but wear a mask while delivering the vaccines. Biden lied in his first CNN interview and said that when he took office, there was no vaccines nor vaccinators but he forgot that he was vaccinated before he took office and this was recorded.

Everything the Democrats, their media as well as scientists said about the virus throughout 2020 were all lies and deceit. There was no magic Democratic virus-killer project that had been cooking all year in their political ovens. All they seemed to be terrified about was the possibility of Trump distributing vaccines before the election, which would have affected voters. Had the vaccines been distributed several weeks earlier, Trump would have won the election because COVID-19 was the number one issue for voters. Trump was wrongly accused. Even Democrats’ lines which had been memorized for public consumption seemed stumped when Governor Cuomo said they were not ready for these to be distributed before inauguration day and this was not part of the plan. Then he probably understood the meaning of what he said and then attacked Trump by saying he would not take any of Trump’s vaccines because they were not safe and secure. Kamala Harris likewise made similar remarks about the vaccine. It seemed to me that the Democrats were always prepared with their reactions and stump speeches to anything Trump touched. When something went off script, they were at a loss for words and di;d not know how to act. They would scramble once again and mix everything up again in conspiracies and lies, and repackage it to Americans. Cuomo is a typical arrogant and incompetent Democrat at the top of their decision-making chain of command among many others.       

The New York Post and the Hunter Biden Story

On 14 October 2020, the New York Post wrote the now infamous Hunter Biden article tying the Biden family to Chinese Communist Government officials with a decade of business dealings. But Twitter, Facebook, and the Big Tech gang decided to cover this up knowing well that it would empower Trump and destroy Biden and any chance he had, as Trump was closing the gap every day. I saw the article only three weeks before the elections and understood everything that was going on. I knew no one in our part of the world would not be as tuned in as I was. When my editors in Istanbul informed me that Twitter was not allowing this article to be sent because of fake news, I knew there was a huge cover-up and I spent the rest of my time trying to uncover whatever lies there were going on underneath. It turned out everything the Democrats were saying were all lies and conspiracies. TPQ recently published its 75th issue—since 2002, we have always maintained our principles and values clearly defined earlier. We always included the Turkish Government’s views on every major issue that we were covering. So when we were flagged by Twitter on the New York Post story on Hunter Biden, I could not believe it at first but carefully followed every issue with long nights of research and searching for the truth. I feel very good about this knowing that we covered the election correctly and we were able to catch many of the lies from the Democrats and their pet media.

In the final debate leading up to the election, Joe Biden tied his son’s Chinese Communist Party business dealings that was posed directly by Trump to a letter signed by more than 50 intelligence officials, which was reassurance to Biden that this issue was entirely a Russian conspiracy. During the 2016 Russia collusion hoax, these same individuals had signed a letter regarding Russia and Trump, and this was peddled to the world by the same dishonest media groups for three years during the investigation led by Robert Mueller. After Mueller came to the conclusion that there was no conspiracy with Russia, the normal thing to do would be to let this all go and allow the country to move forward. Congressmen Swalwell and Schiff decided to do the exact opposite and doubled down on their lies because the objective was to bring down Trump. So during this final critical debate the same group of 50 intelligence officials concluded that the Hunter Biden laptop was again Russia related and was entirely disinformation in order to help Trump win in 2020. The Democrats imagined they had fooled the world on the impeachment so why not try again? Biden used this to get himself out of the mess he was in and under any normal circumstance this should have blown up his entire campaign and he would have easily lost several points during the final 20 days as the truths spread. Soccer moms who were thinking about voting for Trump but last minute changed their minds to Biden would have reconsidered their votes. A lot of suburban mothers are going to want their votes back and will be angry that they were deceived. The objective here was clear: to get Joe Biden safely to the finish line as the winner.  

Big Tech

When you have young powerful millennial billionaires who have no life experience about the world or can comprehend what people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had to go through, too much power is placed in the hands of a few people. The entire Democratic Party is now controlled virtually by 25 to 30 billionaires who despise Donald Trump. The irony here is that during Trump years, these billionaires did not receive any favors from Trump because he did not fundraise at all and did not owe these billionaires one dollar, which was precious and unprecedented. Trump would have had to wake up every day and figure out how he could repay these billionaires had they been financiers of his victory in 2016. During these four short Trump years, if my gut feeling is correct, all of these billionaires not only made tremendous amounts of money, especially during the pandemic, but they will also receive compensation from Biden beginning from day one for the next four years since he owes them everything. This will become a full-time pain for the Democrats and Biden himself, as every piece of legislation will have disguised paybacks for the billionaires inside, just like the first COVID-19 relief bill for 1.9 trillion dollars.  

This did not occur once during Trump’s presidency. What about the complementary fundraising joint ventures between Democrats and some Republicans to destroy Trump, like the Lincoln Project? What happened to the sexual predator founder John Weaver and the 90 million dollars that he was able to raise to destroy Trump? How much money did CNN and MSNBC pay co-founder Stephen Schmidt for his countless hours of generous service to the nation by bashing Trump on these channels endlessly? Half of the funds raised went to the consulting companies owned by the owners. During the coronavirus-infused election season, this is truly sick. It all seems like a joke to the people that are getting away with this but there has to be major blowback in society with regard to all these lies and all this deceit. It is not sustainable and people are not stupid. The Republican Party senior officials like Mitch McConnell should also be thankful that Donald Trump did not fundraise haphazardly without keeping his promises and leave political baggage on his way out. Had Trump done so he would have damaged the Republican base, as donors and voters would have demanded accountability. This happens in almost every administration and just think about the number of promises that Obama gave in eight years, starting with Guantanamo Bay, and left on the table on his way out?        

In America, Big Tech shares the same responsibility as politicians do in the world’s negative direction.

These Big Tech billionaires do not understand how Steve Jobs was fired by Apple’s then-CEO John Scully whom he personally hired or how Bill Gates had a pie thrown in his face during all those legal cases where Microsoft was battling the US Government. If Steve Jobs had not persevered and reinvented himself there might not have been iPhones, Apple stores, or the Apple brand in the world today. Can millennials imagine this? Bill Gates transformed his entire life and channeled his family fortune into philanthropic passions such as eradicating polio in Africa. I think these new millennial billionaires, whose companies were born 10 or 15 years ago, need to get out in the public more and see the world that is not going in a positive direction in any way. In America, Big Tech shares the same responsibility as politicians do in the world’s negative direction.  What if the US Government or the EU decided to go against Big Technology for curbing freedoms and forming monopolistic behemoths that are out of control and unaccountable? In 2000, the EU took Microsoft to court claiming it held monopoly of the market for server software. The investigation lasted nearly four years and Microsoft was fined almost 500 million euros after a nasty battle with EU officials. Would it not be possible for the EU to do the exact same thing for Facebook, Google, and Twitter? Long legal battles could result in billions of dollars of fines.

Self-Destruction of US Political Capitals

After viewing the ignorance, arrogance, and neglect of the rule of law in Washington D.C., and most of the political capitals like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia and especially the mainstream media who was busy glorifying all these events, the US throughout 2020 essentially destructed itself. The truth and devastating consequences of all this deceit is that cities like Portland, Oregon are dying with all the mismanagement. Portland is heading in the direction of Detroit back in the 70’s and is being abandoned. America’s prime asset, California, is losing population so fast that, for the first time, the next census will drop one US congressional seat from California. Democrats control California like the back of their hands and know they do not have to spend any political money or time with the people because they are guaranteed with votes. It would very ironic if Democrats lost that one seat in California in the next House election in 2022, and, along with the projected three new seats that will go to Texas, lose their tiny majority as a result. Of course, here are many illegal immigrants in California who would love to become immediate citizens of the US and pledge their allegiance to the Democrats and this is clearly what they are planning to do. It is a wonderful thing when you can cover up your incompetence with illegal immigrants who are sped through the process for political purposes. Businesses from California are moving to states like Texas and others which provide economic stability and security. Oracle, Tesla, and Hewlett Packard have all moved from California to Texas. Murder rates in 2020 went up 21 percent across the nation which is simply staggering.[6] It is not too difficult to understand why this happened. This will only get worse because of the awful precedents set and rules of law and order broken. Once you break it, you own it.

Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris both represent California and clearly this state has been on a downward slide for a long time. The totally incompetent California Governor Newsom is being recalled by the people and it looks like his time to destroy California is coming to an end. If there is a recount in California, and like Arnold Schwarzenegger did in 2003 against Democratic Governer Gray Davis Republicans win the re-election, I would not be surprised. It is very important to understand where politicians come from and what they actually do in the places that they are elected. Illinois is one of the states that has lost the most population since 2010, and it will also lose a seat that belongs to the Democrats. 250,000 people left the state of Illinois in this decade. Barack Obama was in office for eight years from 2008 and the decline occurred during his presidency and continued despite having enormous economic power that he could have wielded toward Illinois to offset this. New York is set to lose two seats because of its decreasing population in recent years. New York again is one of those states that they just place in the Democrat-win column as a given. So there is no incentive for anyone in NY to perform at competent levels because they are basically guaranteed their positions as long as they tow the line properly. Texas, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, Colorado, Montana, and Oregon are gaining seats in the new census. All these states, other than Oregon, are Republican-run and managed well.   

There was a vastly different ending in Miami than those cities that I mentioned and watched burning on TV such as Seattle. Miami was prepared, did not panic, and proactively prevented the mob from the city to reach Miami Beach. I saw this with my own eyes and did not require a lesson of bad media from CNN, MSNBC, or CBS. When I was stopped by police instead of lifeguards while walking on the beach, I knew something was different. The police were everywhere and dispersed. When they told me the mob planned to walk all the way from the city to South Beach and reach the beach itself, I could not believe it. The Miami police prevented the mob from reaching the beach and during this period of less than one week, the beach was shut down for security reasons. I remember listening to the sirens of literally hundreds of police cars at the same time several nights in a row and I knew these were signals to the mob that they were going to protect the residents of Miami Beach from potential harm and possible deaths.

This simple formula could have worked anywhere else that had police departments and cities that needed protection. But this successful formula did not receive any praise from the already programmed Democratic Soviet-style media machine. Miami should have received national praise for what it did. I had the chance to talk with police officers from time to time and nobody was particularly happy of being placed in such a situation with all that was going on around the country and being hidden from the public by the media/Big Tech monopoly that had no boundaries whatsoever. They were all worried about two things: Miami residents and their own families. Why did many police unions across the nation from cities like New York City and Chicago support Trump during this election? Can it possibly be that they are sick and tired of years of incompetent Democratic governors and mayors? I cannot fathom being a police officer today anywhere in America, as it has become the hardest job by far. How could any police officer across the nation have voted for Biden in 2020?  

Societal Issues in 2020 and Beyond

It seems to be that some of the clear societal problems such as abuse against women and pedophilia are also going unnoticed by decision makers. What happened to the #MeToo movement? They were doing so well and were bringing people in senior-level positions to court for their crimes, including very powerful men in the media, Hollywood stars, and politicians. Every day there seemed like there was progress. What about the women who sued Fox News CEO Roger Ailes and got him fired from Fox? Did the #MeToo movement do anything to consolidate the fact that women who were being abused at Fox for years finally took a legal stand together and brought down a very powerful individual? There was no transparency and no accountability and the institution had to let him go. I seriously doubt this occurred and this exactly why America will consistently take steps forward and then go backwards on any critical societal issue that is touched, especially concerning women and race.

To be successful in changing any culture, you have to consolidate the entire issue politically and present all the positive developments on these issues together as one big victory to be shared by society. This is the only way America will move forward on race, women, or young boys or whatever issue to be seriously pushed forward. Until women who worked for CBS and were sexually assaulted by Charlie Rose can come together with women at Fox who had the same experiences with Roger Ailes and celebrate their victories together in public, America will not move forward on any of these issues and they will all be temporary just as the #MeToo movement, which seems to have lessened its impact. 2020 elections would have been an excellent opportunity to consolidate all these positive gains of the last five years into societal change as women were hit the hardest by the pandemic. Culture change needs full societal impacts to occur at once from all relative parties. Women from the left must come together with women on the right to force change permanently with transparency and accountability across the nation for the entire media. If women from different ideological and political views cannot come together to celebrate these, then the entire nation is in deep trouble going forward because the men will not do this. 

Forcing race and systematic police brutality on the entire nation as it became politically convenient during the summer months of 2020 will damage the nation. All the immediate gains that everyone imagines during the coronavirus pandemic will backfire because it was not consolidated politically with debates and ideas on how to move forward to change the culture. You cannot force culture change. What about pedophiles? The Vatican had to make transformational changes to save itself from self-destruction. Going to church is not an easy decision  nowadays for young people. What about The Boy Scouts of America, another institution that used to be critical when I was young? The institute has filed for bankruptcy because the number of pedophilia cases are so high that they have run out of money. Those abused kids who are now grown up must now come forth with their stories and file their claims within 80 days. Most of those kids hid their situations due to shame. So now family trauma begins for that person. When I was young, some of my friends were Boy Scouts and used to wear their uniforms around proudly. Where did all the decision makers fail these poor boys? America has a systematic problem of abuse of young boys, young girls, and women. Until the politicians decide that these exist altogether, requiring raising awareness and creating cultural change, there will be little progress on these fronts. I can only imagine how all of these issues got worse during the pandemic. What about human trafficking and sex trafficking in America? Human trafficking has become the world’s number one cash generating crime surpassing drugs. So the same methods that used to be used for drugs are now used for people and they make more money now with people than by selling cocaine. Sex traffickers are the ones who benefitted most from Biden’s decision to stop the construction of the border wall and to open the doors for illegal immigrants and children to come in. Now gangs of traffickers will take advantage of the weaknesses at the borders, again enriching their pockets.  

America is in Deep Trouble

It is going to be extremely difficult for the US to stop the downward spiral and regain momentum to re-establish some sort of domestic stability and international credibility later on. These are both gone right now and until the US recognizes its real problems and begins fixing them, the problems of lack of transparency, lack of accountability, and incompetent decision-making will continue, leading to disastrous results. The proper reactions during the pandemic should have been very similar to 9/11 reactions because America was already at a tipping point and desperately in need of a cooling down period, especially before these particular elections. The entire world was in essence attacked by China with its perfectly lethal lab virus. Although countless number of people lost their lives, we will never know the truth because China is a closed society that is run by one man, with absolutely no freedoms. The only thing we know for sure is that it took China some time to come clean after the outbreak had spread in China and the world suffered tremendously as a result of this purposely delayed information. This shows now that if America is somehow attacked in some 9/11 fashion, it will be unprepared, vulnerable, and struggle to come together.

The deterioration of the political system has nothing to do with Donald Trump and everything to do with 50+ years where prolonged periods of dishonesty, arrogance, incompetence, and the resulting break of law and order created lawlessness throughout the summer months of 2020 as a result of these five decades of strains and pressure. It was Donald Trump who actually exposed these political structures’ weaknesses and their long-time decay. And during his four years, from day one everything was aligned so that he would not be able to do more damage than he already did by just reaching the presidency which exposed gaping holes to the American public and the entire world. This is why the Washington establishment simply despised Donald Trump and everything about his presence. What he accomplished was politically extraordinary and by beating many long-time Republicans in the primaries and then Hillary Clinton in the elections was something that needs to be first and foremost respected for its absolute difficulties politically. Trump did not use a third-party platform like billionaire Ross Perot did in 1992 only to split the vote and surely prevent Bush Sr. from re-election. Then not being allowed to govern properly for three years out of his four years because of the now infamous untrue Russian collusion lies peddled by the nonsense Democratic media machine sadly deprived America of what he might have been able to accomplish if he had four years of uninterrupted power. It took him a while to understand his position and authority but he did not have a team that he could trust and he had many people working against him. This makes his accomplishments that much more valuable. JFK was in a similar situation when he took office as the establishment ganged up against him and constantly fed him misinformation so that he would make mistakes yet Kennedy did not trust anyone outside his close circle.   

I see clearly that America is in deep trouble and there are no institutions or individuals right now that can help pull America out of the mess it is in. Donald Trump went into this messy corrupt political system in 2016 and challenged 17 other Republicans on their own platform at their own game and won the primaries by defeating each individual gradually as all dropped out. There were names such as Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz and others who thought it was probably their turn; however, the American people did not want famous names or families anymore. Once Trump was polling 20 percent plus consistently while all of his opponents were between 2-5 percent other than Ben Carson who was above 10 percent, I knew Trump would win as long as he did not self-implode. Trump entered a political system that was formulated to cater to eternal politicians such as Joe Biden who could hang around for five decades and become president. Trump was very much an outsider and did not see himself as a politician, and therefore never liked being called one either. Trump still should have won the 2020 election in spite of everything that was thrown at him. 

The amount of dark money to destroy Trump and destroy the Republican Party nominees was absurd and this is not sustainable. This will backfire at some point because unaccountable dark billions of dollars continue to flow from Wall Street, Silicon Valley, George Soros, Bloomberg and all the billionaires who despise Donald Trump because they all would have given their fortunes to become the US president. One of the most important things Donald Trump did for four years was he never asked for money from any of these groups or individuals. Trump as a result did not owe them anything. People who do not understand politics do not know exactly what that means. This was four years of pure luxury for Americans, as Trump did not have to repay any one of these people because he did not take one dollar and was instead able to concentrate entirely on what he promised to the people. Trump’s platform was not traditionally Republican, as he received votes beyond the Republican base twice. This is exactly why he was able to create this amazing precedent not seen since Ronald Reagan where the people flocked to him and his presence. When Trump was talking about “draining the swamp” this was a tremendous part of his message. Ronald Reagan frequently called the “big government” that intervenes in the private sector as the biggest problem in America; with “swamp,” Trump essentially pointed toward the big government as well. Now, the Democrats, Biden, and the billionaires are all in the same boat together and they will be calling to collect as soon as possible because politics change and in two years the Republicans should take the US House back and then Biden will be a lame duck for two years. He will be not be able to do anything and harm America even more than he already has. Biden has 18 months and that is why everyone is at the door right now coming to collect.

When all of this is going on, does anyone actually think Americans are not paying attention and they do not see all this in front of their eyes in real time? I understand that the Democrats want all the Americans under their umbrella to be uneducated, poor, and financially tied to the government locally and nationally, not being able to think on their own behalves. This is very similar to Turkey, as the Turkish government provides free health care, free education, and basically free housing with long-term public housing projects. So in return they naturally expect your loyalty at the ballot box and this is basically why they are able to win 50 percent in every election and these are the reasons why they will continue to win. The math is very simple here.

Democrats are using the same political strategy as the Turkish government, but in America this will not work and it will backfire. If I was an immigrant who did it the right way and went through the entire legal process to obtain citizenship for myself and my family, the last thing I would want is for an illegal immigrant who did not do it the right way and ended up in some strange predicament to get their citizenship as soon as possible so that they may cast their votes in 2022 in a state where the Democrats want to takeover, say Texas for the sake of argument. The Democrats will flood illegal immigrants into the states controlled and well run by Republicans. For well over one decade, Democrats have used 11 million people as the number for illegal immigrants. Something tells me this number is much higher; in fact, over 25 million is my assumption. During the first month of the new administration, Biden has stopped construction of the wall leaving holes that are vulnerable and now unprotected. He has also opened up the border for illegal immigrants to come with their children and claim asylum.  


The Turkish government took in over four million Syrian refugees during the civil war in Syria that America fueled with its incompetence. Does anyone remember Obama’s Syrian red lines? In 2013, it looked like it was finally curtains for the Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad, who casually killed his own people amongst many other crimes. Then Obama, who made threats and set deadlines, turned around and said this does not involve American interests. Obama had been appalled and outraged but did absolutely nothing. Does anyone understand what the consequences for the entire wider region are when something like this happens? Do American decision-makers think these decisions are a game? The world never really paid attention to all of this incompetence for fear that they would have to do the same thing as Turkey and take in lots of Syrians. The ones that were of age in Turkey became citizens and now can vote in Turkey.

Despite these tremendous weights pulling him down constantly, Trump got so many things done in these very short years. Just what he accomplished in the Middle East and Israel was phenomenal. With eight years of power, he would have totally exposed the entire system and this is why during 2020 a switch was turned on because eight years of Trump would have naturally transformed the system that we know into something different. Every individual and institution that wanted to preserve itself and saw Trump as a threat joined this well coordinated anti-Trump attack. In the 2022 US House elections, I expect this backlash to kick in and Republicans should take the House away from the Democrats, as it is dangerous in their hands. The Republicans beat them handily in 2020 to gain many seats and I expect the same result in November 2022 because the incompetence and power greed will continue unabated and Americans will check Biden in 18 months and disempower his last two years into a lame duck position. The Republicans have new members in Congress, all capable men and women who come from diverse backgrounds. They must build on this foundation.  

The Obama Era

When any political party or ideology loses its way and stops creating ideas or formulating thoughts, they turn to negativity and attack anything that they see as a threat. This is what happened unfortunately to the Democrats, especially during the 90’s, after Bill Clinton left the political scene. Clinton had creative and progressive ideas that carried the party into the new century. He had people who he tested his ideas with and he was extremely prepared to become president. I personally believe that his victory was premature and 1996 would have been better politically for his ideas and its implementation.

This is why he struggled so much his first two years because he was testing the public and its appetite for his ideas and transformation. George Bush Sr. certainly deserved a second term from the American people after the successful, clean, and disciplined Iraq War in 1991 but politics is strange and sometimes things happen and when the economy tanked after the war, the people said no thank you to Bush, similar to Winston Churchill after World War II, when he had saved Europe from total destruction. The British economy tanked as well which was not hard to predict and Churchill was voted out.  

After Hillary Clinton was requested to step aside in 2008, after she had the lead and path to victory, the Democrats went in a very peculiar direction and chose a youthful, inexperienced, a one-man show with no new ideas for the party. Hillary Clinton by all accounts was the most suited woman who was ready to be the first US woman president but the Democrats thought a smart Black man from Harvard with a white mother and a very nice family would provide the necessary impetus into the political system without preparation. “Hope” and “Change” turned into simply empty political slogans and America got stuck with someone who promised to be the anti-Bush, anti-Clinton, and savior to the world as American apologist for historical errors. Unfortunately, this was all a very tall task for someone with zero experience managing people and with state budgets, which were critical in Clinton, Reagan, and Bush Jr.’s elections. Jimmy Carter was Governor of Georgia before he ran for office. All these ex-governors came to Washington, D.C. with experience, ideas, and, most importantly, people with whom they had developed their ideas.

Obama had none of these. Therefore, creative ideas or personal thoughts on how to govern were not developed. As a result of 20 years of no idea production and proper debate, the Democrats are now under the total control of the 25 or 30 billionaires in America who were responsible for the absurd levels of fundraising required in 2020 to destroy Trump. Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Hollywood, and billionaires such as Michael Bloomberg, who spent 150 million dollars in Florida alone to destroy Trump. I watched the Bloomberg-funded commercials in Florida and I thought to myself, what a true waste of money. These truly dark methods of fundraising and unaccountable moneys, which Barack Obama promised he would never use, flowing everywhere at once does not bode well for Democrats. They will falter under this weight, because this weight creates a tremendously long list of things that you must do, which is first and foremost satisfy your billionaire donors.

When you do not have any ideas on how to govern, you start to wipe off student debts, and offer free health care, education, and government-sponsored programs to tie poorer people to the party forever. Democrats desperately want Americans to be in need of government assistance programs and money, which is why their mind-set is always the same: seeking stimulus bills for the lower class economy all the time. The Democrats did not know anything about growing the economy because they do not have people in the party who are from business or have grown a business into a successful enterprise. They do not understand what entrepreneurship means and how working hard is necessary to wellbeing and health. People who do not work hard are generally unhealthy people; they pull the country down with their stimulus bills.

Democrats thought the fast track for JFK in the 60’s of a few years in the Senate and quick move to presidency could be repeated successfully for Obama. Indeed, it was repeated, but Obama was unfortunately not JFK. JFK was prepped from childhood and he personally pushed himself with ideas and the best and brightest in America beside him. This is not what happened in 2008, and this put America, which sorely needed new ideas and real hope but got neither, further behind. Perhaps the Democrats made a major mistake with this decision that put Obama in front of Clinton and the party ideas and thoughts that died along with it. In the end, Obama continued to be mostly a continuation of Bush and he seemed to relish not closing down Guantanamo Bay, which was his promise to the world for America being bad and then ordering the assassination of Bin-Laden after 10 years of international espionage and successful tracking. Now the Democrats want to fast track Kamala Harris who has absolutely no experience whatsoever and a very poor track record in the Senate. Again this would be a major mistake for America and the world. This is why they moved immediately from the women-centered #MeToo movement to the Black Lives Matter movement, because it fit perfectly with the pandemic, George Floyd’s death, and all the summer riots, which fueled hatred, dividing the country more so than it ever had been divided. These were all carefully coordinated together to destroy Trump and open the path for Kamala Harris to be fast-tracked to presidency. Biden is a figurehead here holding together a very fragile coalition. This coalition can break apart at any time but the objective now is to prevent Trump from becoming president again with Kamala Harris beating him in November 2024. In order to ensure her election, Biden will allow all illegal immigrants inside America to become citizens immediately and bring as many illegal immigrants as possible from Mexico and South America to enter the country and place them in red states so that these states are weakened.

It was famously Vice-President Joe Biden who warned Obama to not attack the Pakistani hideout where Bin-Laden was being protected because if he was wrong this would ruin Obama politically. This happened to President Jimmy Carter in 1979, when he left two US Sikorsky helicopters in the desert sands while trying to save the American hostages in Iran. Carter’s presidency was a disaster and the Iranian debacle ruined him and his legacy. US vice-presidents tend to assume if nothing goes wrong — like Al Gore— and no risks are taken, then VP’s can most of the time become president. This undoubtedly was Joe Biden’s thinking in 2016. His advice to Obama therefore had to be full of no-risk political and personal coverage, which he had mastered in 47 years of service. Obama in return for eight years of steadfast political advice did not support Joe Biden to come forth as a candidate in 2016 and did not support Biden during the Democratic primaries in 2019. Does this tell anyone anything on what Obama thinks of Biden? Obama tried to cut Biden off not once but twice from being president. This is not very difficult to comprehend. Why should America be stuck with someone who, despite working with Obama for eight years, was not endorsed by him at first? Is America really in this bad a shape? Yes, it is.

US Policy & Turkey’s Predicament

Hillary Clinton was excellent as Secretary of State, as she knew the world far better than Obama after eight years. She understood Turkey far better than Obama ever did. People do not know this but Obama took the Turkey desk and authority from the State Department and gave it to the National Security Council (NSC), under White House control, after several years of disagreements on Turkey between Obama and Clinton. Clinton came to Turkey in March 2009 to prepare the critical groundwork for a US presidential visit, which she had experience with Bill Clinton ten years earlier in November 1999. She had a meeting with then-Prime Minister Erdoğan, in March 2009, and gave him the US State Department Human Rights Report that did not reflect Turkey with positive trends. Erdoğan of course did not take kindly to this and displayed his displeasure in this meeting. One month later, Obama was in Turkey for his first international trip. Hillary Clinton turned out to be right with her caution regarding Turkey and press freedoms. Then, in Obama’s second term, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange played center stage for the entire world to see. Obama became the passionate defender of the deep state America has underneath and was essentially no different than Bush Jr. During this time, America went secret and dark and was caught spying on the entire globe. Obama wanted to tell the entire world that America had serious problems with its history and international affairs, but during his presidency, he stopped being transparent and answering critical questions. 

Women from the left must come together with women on the right to force change permanently with transparency and accountability across the nation for the entire media.

Turkey’s international demise was directly due to incompetent US presidential policies and their consistent implementation from 11 September 2001 until January 2017, when Donald Trump became the US president. Donald Trump had nothing to do with any of this, and anything that has been written over the last four years that tried to pull Trump into problems concerning Turkey are baseless and incorrect. The botched military coup to bring down the Turkish government happened in July 2016 and this was long before Trump took office. Barack Obama was president and Joe Biden was vice-president and things like this generally do not occur unless senior people in the administration are aware. When President Erdoğan went directly at Washington and blamed the Obama administration for everything with this failed coup, Washington was already in election mode and just took the heat from Ankara. CNN was covering the coup live for the entire world to see and I was watching the entire night and was intrigued by the US security intelligence experts who oddly seemed to be willing for the coup to be a victory—unless I badly misread their body language. But I never really thought about it because I do not spend time on Turkey anymore, since 2010 to be precise. 

The coup was over in six hours. Nobody in Washington, D.C. seemed overjoyed at the fact that the Turkish moderate Islamic model that they had championed for the region for 15 years had secured democracy in Turkey while warding off a military takeover. Before this coup, Vice President Biden had made a speech at Harvard in 2014 that had derogatory comments about Turkey helping ISIS with logistical support in the region along with several other US allies. This became headline news in Turkey and after the White House made an official statement and Joe Biden called President Erdoğan and apologized on the phone, Joe Biden was on a plane to Ankara to personally apologize. Perhaps now may be a good time to reflect on all these international political events that occurred, because during and after Biden’s visit the conservative media and political elites in Turkey really made him look incompetent. 

After the coup, the US Pastor Andrew Brunson was promptly arrested and put in jail for almost two years awaiting trial for his alleged role in the coup. He was arrested in October 2016 and released in October 2018. He spent all of that time in prison first and then house arrest. It was Donald Trump who spent this corresponding time and considerable energy on Brunson’s release and on many Americans who in his eyes had been wrongfully detained all around the world. Brunson was ultimately freed upon the White House’s persistence in addition to extraordinary sanctions placed on senior government officials. He had instructed the State Department and Secretary Tillerson to concentrate on bringing home Americans detained abroad. All in all, Trump was ultimately able to secure the release of over 20 Americans held around the world during his four-year term. The negative carry-over from Obama and the coup curtailed Trump significantly regarding Turkey after he took office because of Brunson. Due to Obama’s international failures, Trump had to tread water carefully for two years to ensure Brunson’s release. During the Biden administration, there will be no positive engagements between the two countries that will lead to anything substantial—it will all be PR for public consumption.

History and Turkey: A Regional Model?

From what I can observe clearly from the 2020 political destabilization, America is having grave difficulties taking ownership of and holding on to its history. The costs of decision makers not knowing world history and mismanagement of world issues accordingly are coming back to hurt America. The US needs to consolidate and take pride in its own history. If America decides to change its history books from K-12, and rewrite its history according to the emotions and feelings that are prevalent in society today, this will be worse damage than how the liberal universities have helped bring the nation down. This would mean in one short generation, with the help of Big Tech, the entire US history will be wiped out and replaced. This would hurt America’s standing in the international world as well, because less people in the world will want to emulate the US and less people will want to go to school in the US.

The Bush administration pushed the Greater Middle East Initiative (GMEI) down Turkey’s throat for five years from 2003-2008 and the Obama administration did not learn anything from these mistakes. They doubled down on Turkey and empowered the government fine-tuning Washington’s flawed moderate Islamic model into a regional Muslim Brotherhood leadership model. Turkey became proactive in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and other countries with Obama’s empowerment. What people in these two administrations failed to understand was that most countries in the Middle East were already looking at Turkey as a regional model that they envied with its international politics that it had already achieved. They saw Turkey’s strong industrial economy and were looking for a modernized version of the Turkish secularist model with economic collaboration and increased social/cultural cooperation. This was the model that was perceived positively as a success by the greater region from Morocco to Azerbaijan. No country in the greater Middle East led by its religious beliefs and feelings was going to become strategically aligned with Turkey. Countries like Russia and Iran were aware of the fact that Turkey was empowered with the ability to sit down with Washington and Brussels to discuss major regional events and participate in these decisions. This was something valuable to them because they knew they would never be in a position like Turkey. 

As a NATO ally, Americans trusted Turkey on a broad range of issues and always knew that whatever major steps were taken, Turkey would be the second major member in Brussels pushing that specific issue. Countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Azerbaijan were all jealous of Turkey’s position, especially as of 1999, when negotiations started with the EU to modernize Turkey’s economy and its international values. They also understood the value that Turkey’s growing relationship with Israel had provided for regional security and intelligence sharing. At the turn of the century, Turkey was the envy of the entire wider Middle East and feared by Russia and Iran because of this fact.

Turkey was in an excellent position to truly become a regional power with an array of positive attributes to provide to Europe and Asia at the same time. Turkey was beginning to comprehend European principles and values, able to mix business with politics under the European Customs Union, and trade with every country in Europe, with France, Germany, and Holland being Turkey’s biggest partners. One of the reasons that Turkey was successful was because Turkey never imposed its religious face and values onto any country. If you look at history, this would have clearly backfired in the neighborhood surrounding Turkey. I am assuming that decision makers in Washington do not study world, classical, Middle Eastern, Ottoman or any kind of history beyond American borders, because Turkish politicians like Turgut Özal knew the Middle East very well and how much religion, emotions, and feelings could derail regional relationships. He and others like Süleyman Demirel took pride in Turkey’s soft Islamic approach and never forced them. Regional countries concentrated on economic, social, and cultural impacts hoping that Turkey would collaborate with them in their international political objectives and issues.   

Becoming a member of the EU was never the objective, in my view, but the entire prolonged process was absolutely critical. Turkey was never going to become a full member of the EU and believing this was pure fantasy. When the GMEI crumbled, it took Turkey down with it because Turkey was already repositioned firmly in the Middle East where it had absolutely no business being in. Turkey’s value-added to all these greater Middle Eastern countries and Central Asia was that it had a firm foothold in Washington, D.C. and now an economic and political foothold in Brussels in addition to its star status in NATO.

When America fails on multiple fronts everyone loses on multiple fronts and this has been happening for a long time.

Any country on this extended list would have paid millions of dollars for decades to lobbyists in DC and Brussels to get them to this point. Turkey had it on its balance sheet extremely valuable good will that it could use periodically and wisely. During this period, I was constantly in the international and Turkish press severely condemning the GMEI and how and why it would bring Turkey down. I saw clearly that my American colleagues were not happy with my public lambasting of this ordeal. But it did not bother me, and I raised my concerns even more. All those decision makers that took part are responsible for Turkey’s predicament, and there are many, as I know all of them since I spent countless hours with each one.

The EU process which started in 1999 and now would have been 22 years down the line is dead and Turkey has no structural bonds with Western nations anymore as Turkey is now perceived anti-Western. It will take a very long time to change this perception. Washington owes Turkey many things, including economic vitality. The wonderful European process that we all worked on in the 90’s to ensure the future of Turkey’s young people is basically gone. The irony here is now Washington looks more like Turkey than ever before, so I suppose there were lessons learned.  

It was actually under the Obama/Biden administration where Turkey became a one-man show. Obama admitted this fact in an interview with The Atlantic in 2016 that was supposed to build on his international legacy during his last year. Obama had so many international failures but admitted Turkey was one of his most important mistakes. I tried numerous times between 2008 and 2010 to explain to DC political figures what exactly was going on in Turkey. I wrote two articles: one was published in 2009 in The Brown Journal of World Affairs on Turkey’s foreign policy gone rogue, and one in 2011, which was published by the Robert Schumann Foundation in Paris about the 2011 elections and how Turkey was clearly declining domestically. Nobody bothered to listen to me in the Obama administration. I recall a senior meeting at NSC in 2010, where they had all read my Brown article on the paradigm shift in Turkish foreign policy. At the end of the meeting, I was asked what I would tell President Obama if I had five minutes with him and I clearly shared my thoughts. But I never got the five minutes with Obama. His foreign policy team was always too busy and ignorant of the entire region, as they had no idea about international politics. They basically went by trial and error and made lots of errors. What shocks me now is now many of the same people who are responsible for these mistakes are back under Biden and will make more mistakes. Because during the last four years, as I underlined earlier, they have been housed in universities, think tanks, Big Tech companies, lobby groups, law firms and other means including ones operated by Soros. For the duration of another administration now, they will come back to their old positions. Nobody questions what they did before and they will not be held accountable for decisions made going forward.      

As a Turkish American who spent his entire youth in Washington, D.C., I am more afraid and concerned now about trying to help the America I used to know and admire. Because from simple logic, one can see that starting from Eastern Europe all the way to the Pacific, if you look from America at countries that can be counted on in times of trouble, you have India, Japan, Korea, Israel and maybe one or two other nations but that is it. When America fails on multiple fronts everyone loses on multiple fronts and this has been happening for a long time. I worked with the Clinton administration, which was the only administration that understood Turkey and the region properly, especially during its second term.

Rwanda & Sudan

In 1994 the genocide of Rwanda happened during Bill Clinton’s presidency, an atrocity that to this day haunts him. Bill Clinton had very smart people around him who are still involved in politics or US media groups. While at the White House during this time, their advice for Clinton to send US troops to Rwanda was not successful. In 2004, George Bush labelled Darfur as a genocide. Then in 2009, the ICC issued a warrant for the arrest of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, and from 2004 until 2019 nothing happened on Sudan. Of course Bush was busy with other wars, therefore making this announcement was not critical, as he was in no position to do anything. The US had entered Iraq in 2003 and the fallout was already occurring. They would be stuck in deep and dark mud for four years.

From 2008 until 2016 Obama and Biden should have taken serious action. Eight years is an awfully long time to create a true legacy. One would use their time in office a lot better than trying to create legacy saving relations with Cuba and Iran in the administration’s last year, which both were failures. The sad thing here is Obama had smart people around him such as Samantha Powers, who wrote “A Problem from Hell”: America and the Age of Genocide, which I have also read. This book has a very long and detailed chapter on Turkey. She was one of the primary thinkers behind Obama but the dictator of genocide in Sudan – Omar al-Bashir - during these eight long years did not lose his position and doubled down on everything possible in his region including his relationship with Turkey. 

Samantha Powers had the intellect and the power to actually do something substantial in her life that could have been her own personal legacy but she failed. She could have rewritten the book on Sudan and it would have been her personal legacy because of Obama’s implementation. Unfortunately, abstract thought and classroom rhetoric does not do the trick in the real world.  When you miss huge historical opportunities like this the entire extended region in a place like Africa is negatively affected. A man like Obama who has immediate family roots in Kenya should have jumped at this opportunity to create a real true lasting legacy for the good of the future in all African nations. Having the Sudanese dictator deposed from office in disgrace and placed in international courts might have prevented other African dictators who recruit children for their armies from doing so. In that regard, an example of countries who had to look out for their own interests and not expect anything from the US is Sudan. Ever since Clinton bombed Sudan in the 90’s and Bin Laden fled to Afghanistan, Sudan never received the proper necessary attention and 20 years of self- destruction left millions of Africans homeless. But who really cares about this in the American media or the American decision-making process? All of their Hollywood friends took turns going to Sudan and declaring it a world disaster. All those Hollywood stars who went to Darfur and gave all their money to Obama and to Biden last year have Donald Trump to thank for saving Sudan.  

Starting from 1965 until 2020, people need to sit back and try to understand what exactly 55 years of American failures on the military front has meant to the world economically, culturally, and psychologically.

During Trump’s presidency of four short years, one of the amazing things that happened was when al-Bashir, who came to power through a military coup in 1989, was suddenly deposed by his own military in August 2019 and placed under arrest. His 30-year terror had ended. Perhaps one of the worst people in human history will be tried by the ICC so that the ones left behind can have closure. Soon afterwards, Sudan, under its new military governance, came to an agreement with Israel and recognized Israel in October 2020. Sudan, after decades of Bin Laden in the 90’s, genocide, and corruption, might be able to save its future at least for the next generation now. Following Bush’s announcement of the genocide in 2004, and Obama’s complacency for eight years, Trump solved a major problem and therefore deserves tremendous credit along with Jared Kushner. Perhaps now if Trump runs for the Presidency in 2024, George Clooney and other stars might want to contribute to Trump’s efforts for Sudan and the entire region. Business minds that were at work since 2016 were efficient and patient getting the job done that had been sat on for 30 years by administration after administration. This happened during the three years Trump was being wrongly impeached and scrutinized with fake FBI investigations alongside his family. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia and its leader imploded with the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in October 2018. This must have caused delays of certain activities and events because Saudi Arabia was the middle piece in these new openings with Israel. I am not sure people understand what the consequences are for the wider Middle Eastern region from Morocco to UAE, Sudan, and Bahrain being tacitly approved by Saudi Arabia. In February 2021, a few weeks after Biden took office, there was an announcement that al-Bashir would be tried at The Hague for war crimes and genocide. This could have happened in 2011, one decade ago which would have prevented millions of Africans from starvation, rape, and other atrocities. The reason it happened is because Trump took the issue seriously and approached it methodically and brought in the critical countries that would be able to break the dictator’s back and support. Once the Sudanese military leaders saw this clearly, al-Bashir was gone and the atrocities to the people stopped.  

I am certain the Democrats will try to figure out ways to derail all this but even Biden will be powerless against these moves of the last four years that may very well transform the region going forward. The Democrats were expecting Biden to downgrade the diplomatic levels for the Saudi Prince personally and Saudi Arabia in February after taking office, but apparently decided that the strategic relationship with Saudi Arabia is vital because The Prince will be there for a very long time. When Democrats and their media gain perspective again, they will discover that America will be weaker around the world now going forward. I am not sure how many people are aware but the Democrats used to own the Jewish vote and Jewish lobby in America. This does not exist anymore and Israel will be prepared to make sure Biden does not mess this up the next four years. Obama virtually froze relations with Israel for eight long years and it was the worst period for Israeli-US relations going back to Bush Sr. and the Iraqi war when Washington had to keep Israel out of the war when Saddam Hussein was bombing Israel. Everyone in the region knew Obama despised Israel, and this of course provided excellent leverage for countries in their own relationships with Israel. I cannot imagine how any Jewish-American citizen in the US could have voted for Obama or Biden?

Afghanistan & Iraq

After the tragic and unprecedented September 11 attacks, the American people went through some kind of trauma for sure as this was the was the first time that something like this occurred on American soil and in America’s most important cities. George Bush Jr. and his two devastating wars in Afghanistan and Iraq spewed distrust in the intelligence system around the world and ended numerous bilateral or multilateral intelligence relationships that had successful track records and were critical for the protection of the Western world’s values and interests in an international system that was understood and respected. That system was forever broken and left irreparable. If there had been pure concentration on Afghanistan and achieving the original mission and objectives then perhaps there would not have been mismanagement of two more unsuccessful long and drawn out wars, particularly Iraq. Starting from 1965 until 2020, people need to sit back and try to understand what exactly 55 years of American failures on the military front has meant to the world economically, culturally, and psychologically. The military is one of the prime foundations and institutions of American society and culture. The suffering that the families and soldiers with rehabilitation centers of the traumatized soldiers that have to return after these nasty wars where they never have proper protection and never have the authority to control their own positions until it is too late. The same problems that happened in Vietnam occurred in Afghanistan.

US presidents are not only vital to American people but also to the international arena, as American ideas and the aura of the ability to fix things are crucial for the globe.

Iraq was the ultimate disaster where Bush’s personal ambassador in Baghdad decided to displace the entire Iraqi army and bureaucracy that was in place. Fearing a revolt, he gave the positions of running the country to people who had no idea of how to run much of anything, after which civil war erupted with all those who had been displaced passionately seeking revenge. Nobody seemed particularly thrilled that the American troops were in Iraq to stay for no reason at all, especially after the biggest intelligence failure imaginable. Colin Powell, who had already won a war against Iraq with Bush Sr. in 1991, told Bush if he invaded Iraq that he would own Iraq. Almost 20 years later, America is still there.

Accountability to the American People      

The American people were not so kind to Bush Sr. in 1992. Despite famously uttering “read my lips: no new taxes” in 1988, he broke his promise and the unforgiving public voted him out. Whatever happened to the presidential candidates that would promise voters certain things on critical issues and the public would believe these promises and vote him into office accordingly? The president would take full responsibility and be accountable to his voters and deliver most of his promises to the American people. This happened during Reagan until Irangate, Bill Clinton’s first term and into his second term, and quite recently in American history with Donald Trump as well.

In 2016, Trump went against the grain and talked about issues that he personally cared about but, more importantly, what the people who voted for him cared about. He was accountable to his political base and there are very important things that he promised and delivered to the American people. Trump, the Presidency, and any individual who worked for Trump who had a mind of his own was attacked for being transparent. Now after the election, the 74 million people who voted for Trump in a uniquely passionate and possessive manner are being torn down by the same media institutions for having a mind of their own. In Democrats’ eyes, if you are Black, it is simple: you vote Democrat. Even Joe Biden said this, as I mentioned earlier. The same goes for Hispanics, who are the most important minority group in the US. If I were Hispanic or Black, and voting for Democrats all these years, I would ask myself what in the world have I gotten in return for this loyalty? Unemployment for African Americans and Hispanics reached historic lows during Trump’s four shortened years.

If you are a US president and are secretive in your actions, then accountability to the American people will eventually catch up to you. Bill Clinton’s self-imposed personal problems that caused international embarrassment and resulted in his impeachment in 1998 was truly unfortunate, for example. The office of the President in the eyes of many all over the world was a constant cause for ridicule for years. Even Ronald Reagan could not handle the pressures of Irangate when he figured out he had lied to the people, which was not in his personal presidential playbook. Reagan was transparent and apologized to the nation; however, this scandal not only haunted his last two years but it tainted his honest and duly legacy. People did not understand why he had lied to them. I am certain that this haunted him personally during his last years of his life before Alzheimer’s set in. If you take out the George Bush Sr.-led Gulf War that was approved by the UN and had around 50 nations that were included in the coalition to dethrone Saddam Hussein in 1991 and get him out of Kuwait, there has been no major success on the military fronts of any war that America has entered. George Bush Sr. could have and should have removed Hussein from power and this at the least would have been an example for all dictators in the region to stay within their limits. The American people for their thanks to Bush Sr. voted him out of office in 1992. Why would the American people do such a thing to an international hero who has successfully carried American values to the Middle East for the display of the world? An appreciative public could have given Bush another term. President Clinton was bright, young, and ambitious and could have easily won in 1996.

People around the world will be forced to choose between America and China as a focal point, which will reverberate through many regions and countries and individuals.

But Bush Sr. told the American people no new taxes which is something that usually every presidential candidate promises to the people, because who in their right mind would knowingly vote for a presidential candidate that promises to raise your taxes? This is exactly what happened in 2020 when Joe Biden promised the American people that he would raise their taxes. Even though Americans will have less money in their pockets, they voted him in. George Bush Sr. was not so fortunate. It is simply amazing considering that in 47 years of politics Biden has no legacy to speak of other than the Clinton Crime Bill of 1993 that incarcerated thousands of Black men for a long time, destroying Black families for a generation at least as a result. He never took a position on anything major and he never was passionate about anything as most US senators do in their long-term service to the nation.

When John McCain for example was a candidate in 2008 against Biden/Obama, McCain had a superb legacy and passion for issues such as the debilitating effects of US political contributions on the American political system. I have a feeling he was right. But he did not win and could not enact all these promises that he actually believed in. John McCain would have been a great president if he had won. I was very fortunate to meet John McCain several times and he has written for TPQ 10 years ago and is someone who understood Turkey and our part of the world very well. He was an extraordinary man who America will miss greatly.

I think many people around in the world were shocked in that election year when sensible people thought that the American people would certainly reward Bush Sr. for a job meticulously done well. But this is not what happened and suddenly Bill Clinton was the most powerful man in the world. Bill Clinton did not have a fabulous first term as he grew into his job but he kept most of his promises to his electorate. From an international perspective, which is always the perspective I use in discussing and analyzing US politics and Washington, he started making significant strides in his second term. America is known to the world as an idea creator, hope-provider, and a fixer of things gone wrong, which allows its international leadership to continue unopposed by anyone in recent history until now. Everything a US president does or says in some form affects international debates and decisions. Even decisions that concern domestic affairs reverberate internationally. Therefore, US presidents are not only vital to American people but also to the international arena, as American ideas and the aura of the ability to fix things are crucial for the globe. Most countries in the world who have common sense and economic mindsets know that having good relations with Washington is a win–win for the people in those countries because they can take much more from the relationship than economics. They can take arts and culture, sports, and entertainment; whatever they want they can take and use it for domestic consumption.

US, NATO, and a Rising China

Many countries choose security and economic cooperation to enhance the relationship into much broader terms, which is why NATO is vital to the world and it is in my opinion the premier global institution that is able to break barriers and create new ideas and incorporate different countries and cultures. There are many countries that would give a lot to be a member. NATO should expand to Southeast Asia and invite countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Korea, and Japan into its broadening vision. If this expansion is done properly with nations that fit NATO’s values and worldview, then perhaps it may prevent the next war from happening. Without another long and drawn out war, then America can concentrate on fixing things at home for the next decade.  

The US is now seriously flawed stemming from the 1960’s and got lost along the way with all of its internal difficulties and international incompetence. The US is running a dangerous course that will negatively affect every country around the world that it is engaged with. If this sense of international entitlement, arrogance, and lack of accountability continue for another four years it will severely compound America’s internal problems which will in turn create permanent international faultlines. What America fails to understand is not only has it created divisions internally on every issue possible, but it has also created the same divisions internationally. If you take a line from Eastern Europe all the way down and go east across the globe, you will be hard-pressed to find a reliable country that would be able to understand your world view and collaborate on security, intelligence, military, and cultural matters. If you take out India, Korea, and Japan as the outer edge of this line and say these powers can sit down at the table and discuss critical issues, going forward that will determine many things. Just like the US red/blue faultlines that have formed, the world has similar dangerous faultlines. The US will be hard-pressed going forward on any serious international issue that its allies are confronted by.   

People around the world will be forced to choose between America and China as a focal point, which will reverberate through many regions and countries and individuals. This has already happened in Hong Kong where Trump proactively managed the issue with the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Taking hard positions on Hong Kong however put strains on Australia and New Zealand. What will happen when the same thing is required with Taiwan? My instincts tell me this will happen soon. Furthermore, the US State Department under Trump’s instruction declared the long-time assimilation of the Muslim Uighur population of 2 million in Western China as a genocide. Now Joe Biden is trying to figure out how to get out of this predicament Trump handed to him.  If Biden wants to have clear US advantages over China vs. the rest of the world, he would not change this definition of genocide and he would use it skillfully. The US should get as many nations in the world as possible to sign on the Chinese genocide of Muslim Uighurs. That can be leveraged to squeeze Chinese lies and deceit on the virus and I am sure Biden is interested in getting to the bottom of this with his Chinese Communist Party friends.     

The predicament which America has placed on the world right now going forward will be one where people will have a very difficult time siding with the correct side. An example of this would be Turkey, a NATO country that was once western-leaning with the EU and economically tied to the West for its industrial viability. Now a totally independent Turkey will naturally look to its region and broader neighborhood and see China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and UAE and evaluate its relations based on its own domestic interests. If everyone in the region and around the world is doubling down on their positions on critical issues, then Turkey will also double down and each year will draw further away from Western values and thinking. Every country will do the exact same thing and making a case for America will be very hard for all of them.

People need to be prepared for some kind of warfare between these two remaining world powers in the next four years. It is going to take each country heavily affected by COVID-19 some time to get back to a sense of normalcy. China knows this, has not apologized for COVID-19, and will exploit this and double down on everybody to choose sides. It will be harder for countries such as Italy, Spain, and France that have been severely struck by the pandemic to assess the developments properly and make tough decisions. France has its own September 11 battle with Islamic fundamentalist terrorists that has been ongoing for five years and getting worse. This will continue unfortunately for a very long time and how can a country like France, which is a primary world power, assess the international threats of China properly? Post-Brexit Great Britain must swiftly become a true world power as it has in its history. This will help offset the US decline and provide the US with a powerful partner on all common grounds. This cold war with China is not going to be anything like the war with the Soviet Union, where it was relatively simple to explain the good and bad and take sides accordingly. Not even close. The Soviet Union had difficulties financing and arming Cuba which was a tiny nation with a small population. China has already economic and technological outreach to many big economies in the world such as Italy. It may be intriguing to understand why China is trying its best to blame Italy for starting the virus. What advantage would something like this provide other than completely weakening Italy and its tourism and economy so that it needs help and assistance? Maybe China already has some advantages regarding Italy and feels like it can toy with Italy at will.

NATO must immediately become a global institution and, for the same reasons, in the context of a post-World War II, must reposition itself and its capabilities in Southeast Asia to stem the tide of rising China. Korea, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand should all be considered  for NATO membership or affiliate as soon as possible. India must also be considered. This way China and North Korea, who are the world’s biggest threats along with Iran in my opinion, will be neutralized with this new NATO expansion. NATO’s wings are very powerful and having a presence in that part of the world fits its mission and vision for security. No country will be eager to host American troops after the last two decades of futility in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Navy and Air Force will therefore be critical. Special Forces also will play a critical role. The American people should truly appreciate that Trump has downsized troops in Iraq considerably and ended the Afghanistan war while defeating ISIS in Iraq and Syria in the last four years. The Biden team will immediately look at the international arena to see what part of the world can use their magic touch and see if they can destroy one or two more countries during their four years. Biden already bombed Syria and is courting Iranian terrorists as a prime partner in the region. Again, if you have the same people who made mistakes under Obama for eight years, they will return and do what they already know which is creating more instability.                

Because anyone who understands US politics well knows that before the pandemic hit, Trump was in an excellent position to win the elections, especially when considering the economic, trade, and international successes during his short term. I paid particularly close attention to the coverage — or non-coverage — of the Abraham Accords, which were truly historic and sorely needed and will change the Middle East in a positive manner for years to come. The Democrats and their pathetic media were terrified and did not know how to handle all of these positive developments in the Middle East, which had been teetering for decades with regard to anything positive. They simply ignored it and pretended it never happened. It is a basis from which to build trust and confidence especially after Bush Jr., who in eight years destroyed the Middle East and left it in tatters, and Obama, who mismanaged the Arab Spring, which under American guidance turned into the nightmare of Libya, Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon. After all this was accomplished, Obama for a final act decided to do the only thing that nobody expected which was fully empower Iran to be able to do whatever they want in the region. Naturally, Biden now will jump at this opportunity to court again the Mullahs in Iran, just like Obama did. Trump was able to weaken the Iranian economy by pulling out of this deal and placing tremendous sanctions on critical Iranian interests and individuals. In January 2020 Trump ordered the killing of Qasem Soleimani who was more feared inside Iran than he was outside Iran. Along with the dismantling of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, this was among Trump’s most critical international successes as the entire region was dumbfounded and in shock.         

As I noted earlier, with Bush’s GMEI that handed Turkey a position of great regional leadership, Turkey’s European momentum and some semblance of positivity was dismantled, which was the start of Turkey’s demise. This period combined with Obama’s decision to subcontract the entire region to the Muslim Brotherhood after Tunisia in 2010 and empower Turkey to promote the Brotherhood as basically a big brother throughout the region, starting with Tunisia, were contributing factors as well. Turkey and Qatar are now intertwined politically, economically, and militarily. I understand that nobody in Washington spends any time or energy on Turkey anymore as Turkey has been isolated by the world, but Turkey did not come to this point by itself.    

NATO must immediately become a global institution and . . . in the context of a post-World War II, must reposition itself and its capabilities in Southeast Asia to stem the tide of rising China.

Everyone in the region had its own personal traumatic histories with Islam and the West, wars, and failures. This ruined any opportunities for the unexpected and passionate Arab uprisings to result in concrete change across the entire region. The entire region turned into an international disaster that has left countries such as Syria and Libya in tatters. Donald Trump was left with fully maneuvered “reset” policies with Russia and Iran, a high-flying China, and multiple Syrian bloodlines that led to uncontrollable turmoil in the region. Obama managed to mess up Libya so much so and now it has turned into a cesspool of gangs and warlords. Turkey for its part protects its interests in Syria and partners with the Islamic government in Libya which is probably what Washington designed in their distinctive model for Turkey. When you mess with a model and get it wrong for so long, eventually it will create a backlash and this is unfortunately where Turkey is now. All of this was inherited by Trump; if anything, with regard to Turkey, you could say Turkish–US relations stabilized under Trump.    


*This is the first part of a two-part article. The second part will be published in TPQ’s Spring 2021 issue.


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