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TPQ Essay Competition


Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ) invites undergraduate students in the social sciences to participate in an essay competition! Submissions should be sent to by 11 June 2018. Essay submissions must answer only one of the questions below:

1) How can rising polarization in Turkey be remedied? What can YOU do about it?

2) What is the appeal of Islamic politics among Turkish youth today?

3) How is the influx of refugees impacting the concept of nationhood in Turkey and Europe?

4) How has/is Turkish identity evolving? Do you identify yourself more with the West or the East?

*The winning essay will be featured in the next issue of TPQ. The winner will also get a 1 year free subscription to the journal.



The essays should be written in English; 1,500-2,500 words long, excluding references. It should be an original piece of work exhibiting structured argumentation. Please provide a cover page with the essay title (it should be original and preferably something eye-catching), a brief (100 words) abstract, full name, and the University you attend. No hardcopy submissions are required. Significantly longer or shorter essays will not be considered.

References – Books, articles or other sources that are cited should referenced using the Chicago Manual of Style. For an article template, please click here. It is highly recommended that all submissions are proofread, formatted, and corrected for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and factual errors.

Students’ essays will be assessed on the basis of the clarity of the argumentation, the thinking they reflect, the quality of writing, and the extent to which the essays incorporate or provide counter-arguments to relevants sources.


About TPQ

Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ) is an Istanbul-based foreign policy journal aiming to foster original thinking and constructive debates on Turkey and its neighborhood. The journal has been published since 2002. TPQ is independent and non-profit, with a track record of including diverse and inter-disciplinary perspectives and encouraging critical opinions on every topic it covers. TPQ is also indexed and abstracted by EBSCO and Thomson Reuters’s Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI).

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